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PML Holdings Group

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PML Holdings Group

Company Overview

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Status: Private Company   Founded: 1985   Annual Revenue (2019):
Exchange: - ID #: AP5515   Number of Employees: 40
Symbol: -   Website:
Industries:  Business Services & Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services, Accounting,... Click here for more

Company Description
PML Holdings Group Overview Employee leasing and PEO payroll services provided by PML Holdings Group Will Save You Time and Money!

PML offers through employee leasing and peo payroll services "top of the line" benefits packages with a number of health insurance options, complete payroll services, personalized reporting, administrative services, plus, PML works closely WITH our clients in keeping costs down for the employee leasing and peo payroll company AND our clients. Within the past few years PML has added employee paid 401(k) and premium savings (Section 125) for payroll deduction for dental, vision and life insurance to our group of employee leasing and peo companies.

PML maintains a "minimal" administrative, sales and marketing staff in order to keep overall costs down, and in turn, "employee leasing costs" to their clients has remained consistently lower than their major national competitors in the employee leasing and peo industry, without services being affected.

Using a PML Holdings Group member employee leasing and peo payroll service company makes employee leasing a cost-effective convenience for any small business owner. The reductions in cost are made possible through volume discounts by pooling your company's employees together with PML's for worker's compensation, health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits, state taxes, S.U.T.A. taxes, federal taxes, etc. PML clients' paperwork hassle and time consuming follow up are reduced, and sometimes eliminated, because PML does the work for them. All payroll related taxes, filings and reports are also handled by PML, leaving the business owner free to take care of the things he or she went into business for... Making A Profit! And remember, PML takes care of most of the human resource paperwork, thereby allowing the owner to reduce, or possibly eliminate human resource staffing, adding up to more savings!

If PML's family of employee leasing and peo payroll member cost saving alternatives for human resources sounds like something that could benefit your company, but you are still skeptical, why not call and ask about how PML's employee leasing and peo payroll services can help your business grow?

Company History

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PML Holdings Group History PML Holdings Group was founded in 1985. Its member employee leasing and peo payroll service companies include Planmarc Leasing Company; PML Enterprises, Inc.; PML Employment Services, Inc.; PML Resources, Inc. and Preferred Missouri Leasing, Inc.

Since the inception of the PML family of employee leasing and peo payroll service companies, PML has purposely elected to grow slowly, but consistently. PML's philosophy is somewhat different than most companies involved in this field; it is PML's goal to continue slow, but stable growth in order to continue its unique, "personalized" service, and, to control the costs that normally increase as the employee leasing and peo's size increases.
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