Securities Arbitration USA

Securities Arbitration USA

Securities Arbitration Hotline works for burned Main Streeters with viable claims against Wall Street in arbitration and mediation of disputes.

Recent ongoing stories of settlements by large Wall Street firms with government agencies for securities fraud and other misconduct have raised anew the question that won’t go away…. Is Wall Street for Wall Streeters or Main Streeters? The Enrons, Worldcom, Jack Grubman, Wall Street analyst conflict of interest stories dominate business news headlines, just as Iraq stays near or atop the international news.

When it comes “home” … When the impact of Wall Street abuse touches more and more lives of American Main Streeters, do they have a voice? Do they have a system for redress of grievance? Do they have the strong advocate fighting for them?

The facts: Main Streeters have the non-court system of securities arbitration. “Let no one fool you, if you are a Main Streeter or journalist, securities arbitration is the best resource for burned investors since hot fudge on ice cream,” says securities arbitration veteran Paul N. Young of the national Securities Arbitration Hotline (1-800-222-4724).

In contested securities arbitration disputes, the NASD reported that in 2004 Main Street burned investors were awarded some $194 million. That is up from $162 million in 2003, up from $139 million in 2002. It represents the highest dollar annual amount awarded to Main Street burned investors in history. (This amount does not include mediated or private settlements between burned investors and Wall Street, only contested claims). Investors won 55% of contested claims in 2004, continuing a victory rate for investors that has exceeded 53% each year since 1999.

Suitability, misrepresentations, omissions of fact, negligence, churning (commission grabs), failure of account and broker supervision, breach of duty, are the top abuses.

David can beat Goliath. It is proven year on year, day by day, case by case.

And the unbiased and fair system does, as well, allow for Main Street claims without merit to recover nothing from firms and/or stockbrokers who acted in good faith and played by the rules. That is but part of the reason the system is so fair, as it scrutinizes claims very carefully.

Paul Young: “Is Wall Street honest? Does it treat Main Streeter fairly? As in all businesses to which one can pose the ‘honesty’ question, the answer is: Maybe. Overall, likely the answer is: Yes. But bad apples exist and they can be very bad. Some good firms, as well, find themselves with bad brokers. And, too, some firms and brokers fly too close to the wind and must be brought to ground to repay investors if they’ve done things to Main Street that are outside the lines.

In 16 years we have seen any and all kinds of cases. We have worked in state after state after state for people from virtually all walks of life. Those with strong, viable claims who want to, as most do, affordably use arbitration to resolve their dispute call us and we may or may not take on their fight. While the Hotline is indeed ‘Hot’ we have often said that for every case filed, likely ten are not. Why? Lack of public information about, first, the fact that securities arbitration exists and, two, that people can win, and three, that the system is fair, as the results from 2004 demonstrate with clarity. If the system were not fair, the results would be lopsided. They are not and have not been so.”

Since formation 16 years ago, the Securities Arbitration Hotline @ 1-800-222-4724 helps people who think or know they’ve been burned by Wall Street. No one knows the unique system like we do.

Available for interviews (print/air), managing director PAUL N. YOUNG -- dubbed “Mr. Securities Arbitration” -- is a compelling, fully all-media experienced communicator whose mission is using the process of securities arbitration well for real people.


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