Pacor Mortgage Corp

Pacor Mortgage Corp

Since 1986 Pacor Mortgage Corp., based in Chicago, has been an outstanding resource for mortgage financing.

Our management team has seen the company grow through challenging markets over the last two decades to become a Mortgage Banking Leader in today’s challenging real estate environment. Our branch network has grown over the last several years as mortgage banking has become a more critical component to successful mortgage lending. The bottom line is that we close our own loans and lend our own money which helps our employees deliver great mortgage solutions for our clients.

Many Pacor employees have seen the ups and downs of the market. Our experience makes closing loans a snap. In fact, customers often tell us that they come to us after someone else has been unable to get them a loan in a timely manner. Pacor employees pride themselves on finding solutions. This happens in large part because we underwrite our own loans. This helps loans get done more efficiently than sending it to one of the big banks and hoping they get it done quickly and correctly. Pacor is licensed in the key states of: Illinois, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. This puts a Pacor mortgage solution within reach of 18% of the country. We would love to help you.

If you are a mortgage broker or loan officer interested in learning more about how working with Pacor could change your career click here.

If you are in the market for a mortgage and want to work with a lender that has the ability to make a decision about your loan quickly and directly, without having to go through a bunch of middlemen, contact the office nearest you for more information.

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