Affordable Florida Insurance

Affordable Florida Insurance

Representing all of the top insurance companies in Life, Health, Disability, and Mortgage fields, along with companies proving various insurance products for small and medium sized business.
Why Affordable Florida Insurance

Very simply, we are committed to finding the right product for you. We have the ability to access all major carriers in Florida, and our specialized computer system is able to select a number of different companies, insurance plans and costs to meet your needs. These enable you to choose, depending on your budget and needs, the right insurance for you and your family.

All insurance rates are governed by the Florida Department of Insurance, which means that all agents are offering the same product at the same price. There is no way to alter or discount prices, and that includes Internet prices as well. (If prices are different, beware. It is NOT the same policy). The way to save money is to work with someone like us who can access multitudes of companies and offer different type of benefits. So what makes us different is the ability to find lower prices among different, reputable companies .

And while we can save you money by getting the lowest prices for you, money savings should not be your only criteria in selecting and insurance company or policy. There are many different policies with many different benefits. We always present you with many choices, some of which are inexpensive; other are “benefit rich”. And we can show you many polices that are in between these. If an agent is working for only one company, then the products you will see are just those, the ones that one insurance company sells.

And with us, you’re not just a case number or a policy number. Since we have families too with growing children, we realize insurance represents the protection of hou and your family, so we offer you personalized service to protect your family to the fullest possible extent!

We believe in explaining the options and benefits clearly so that you know what you are getting. We don’t believe in pushing a particular product or company or giving you an explanation in high speed or one that is hard to understand. Why? We believe in doing business that way and treating you as we would like to be treated. Truthfully, it benefits us in the long run, we sleep at night, and we feel that we have done something helpful for others.

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