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Web Marketing and Design by JASE

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Web Marketing and Design by JASE

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Status: Private Company   Founded: 2003   Annual Revenue (2020):
Exchange: - ID #: WE4148   Number of Employees: 11
Symbol: -   Website:
Industries:  Online Marketing, Advertising & Marketing, Internet Development Services,... Click here for more

Company Description
Web Marketing and Design by JASE Overview There is no magic potion or silver bullet when it comes to search engine optimization. Anyone can have a quality site. But, it is futile if no one finds your site! To increase your conversions to maximize your return on investment you must have search engine marketing (SEM).

Company History

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Web Marketing and Design by JASE History Web Marketing and Design by JASE has been developing the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) since 2003.

The search engines calculate rank on a hundred known variables. To combat spam and get rich quick websites (spammers); the search engines continue to enhance and develop their filtration systems. Search Engine calculation systems are known as search engine algorithms or mathematical intelligence for information retrieval.

Google inc. historically released new search updates in bulk. Websites would rise and fall with the tide. After complaints from the Internet community Google began updating their algorithm in an incremental way in 2005 during what was called the “Jagger Update” stopping the rise and fall of websites and their associated revenue.

Each Google update has been followed by spammers who infiltrate the rankings based on estimations on when and how often parts of the system were updating. At the beginning of 2007 Google once again combated spam with the release of an enormous update that was said to fix major issues with well developed corporate websites that were penalized due to duplicate domains, multiple homepages and other confusion. This change further solidified an algorithm that was harder to track and harder to decipher. With this technically advanced logic the methods to optimize web sites for search engines became difficult to explain; let alone sell as a service. The inner workings of search engine algorithms and information retrieval for web presence has become an art form.

Now in September 2007 Google inc. is cpmpleting the rolling out a new algorithm that has been dubbed Universal Search Algorithm (USA) or ‘blended search’. This calculation change has brought new fledging opportunities for brick and mortar business that do not even have a website on the Internet. For companies that got into Internet Market early are going to have trouble with this new algorithm that is designed to be highly technical and savvy spam combatant filters.

We have developed the very best strategies for many companies with measurable success at an affordable price. Best of all customer service is our strong suit as we generally like to meet and educate website owners about their website and their options for long term revenue and return on investment (ROI).

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