Adcidia™ is an eSyndication Advertising Network. Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs, business owners, writers, bloggers, network marketers, and marketing specialists the ability to market themselves, and the business they represent effectively online. We are able to provide this unique service through our many ezine article directories, business 411 directories, and other niche web sites geared towards marketing a business.

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Company History

When Was Adcidia™ Launched?:
Martin Lemieux started building web sites for companies locally as a freelance web designer back in 2001. In 2004, Smartads was registered as a web development company & search engine optimization provider and was successful immediately. Back in 2006, Martin decided to remove all business services in order to pursue a passion which he longed for, which has now been turned into realty as the Adcidia™ Network.

"The future is bright for Adcidia! The proper system is now in place to accommodate millions of visitors a day, while also helping 1000's of entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Each month that passes, my network continues to get bigger, better, and more valuable. It's unfortunate that there's only 24 hours a day and not 28... because with every new day, we are that much closer to our goals," Asserts Mr Lemieux.