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Web Submission Services Inc
Web Submission Services Inc

Web Submission Services Inc., a search engine marketing company ,successful at achieving thousands of first page search engine positions for specific keyword phrases that are competing with millions of other web pages and that have the potential to generate large numbers of traffic and sales. These phrases are targeted for top positions. By practicing ethical and logical search engine optimization procedures, specific search engine guidelines are met to increase positions in the search results, increasing the overall visibility and traffic to a web site.

Web Submission Services Inc, became known nation wide in 2003 for developing optimized link exchange directories that saved clients thousands of dollars in link campaign fees. This direcotries are developed for the sole purpose of driving link exchange partners from the major seach engine though natural results.

Our SEO Company Credentials Are As Follows:

Full Training & Certification Through The Academy Of Web Specialists.

13 Years Of Combined Search Engine Marketing Experience.

13 Years Of Combined HTML Experience.

30 + Years Of Combined Customer Service Experience.

9 Years Of General Marketing Experience.

6 Years Of Combined Keyword Research Experience.

5 Years of Combined Experience Building Link Popularity and Advertising Partner Marketing.

3 Years Of Content Development Experience.

2 Years of SEO Teaching Experience Through Written Tutorials & Live Chats -- Hear what people had to say about our tutorials.

Daily Use & Research of Major Search Engines.

Full Use & Knowledge of The Proper Use of Important SEO Tools, Software and Resources.

Access To Exclusive SEO News & Discussion Groups -- Sharing Information With 100's of Other SEO Experts.

Experienced, Qualified Web Designer On Staff.

Our SEO Expert Team Is...


Detail Oriented





Ready To Assist You With ALL of Your SEO Needs!

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Web Submission Services, Inc.
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Company History

Web Submission Services Inc

Web Submission Services Started services in 2000 and is owned by Michael Hargrove. Became a small company that focused on search engine optimization. Michael Hargrove became certified through the web Academy OF Specialist.

2001, Web Submission Services Incorporated and became Web Submission Services Inc

2002 Web Submission Services Inc Became a Search engine marketing company that expanded into many areas Such as , web design, directory development, content writing, consulting.

2003 Web Submission Services became a member of the Better Bureau. All team members were trained and certified.

Michael Hargrove (President) Host forum chat sessions- for other new members of the Academy.

Dawn Rowlett (Vice President) was a forum moderator for the Academy Of Web Specialist.

2004 Web Submission Services Inc- Opened another office in Jacksonville, Florida.

2005, Web Submission Services Inc, Enhanced their customer service in every department. Our goal was met by adding a one on one personal consultation in every department.

Search Engine Marketing - Individuals seeking search engine optimization spoke directly to the owners/specialist in this field.

Directory Development- Individuals seeking directory development services spoke to Dawn Rowlett, head of the department, specialist in creative, development link exchange directories

Web Submission Services Inc developed a state of system for faster email responses, phone calls, reporting on a timely manner, well trained to listen and communicate with individuals seeking and or clients needs.

How we became successful!

Dawn - Vice President & Certified SEO Specialist

Ironically, before the incidental meeting with Michael, Dawn didn't even know what a search engine was -- let alone the function or benefits of them and had very little knowledge of the Internet.

Prior to their encounter, Dawn had spent several years with a large marketing firm assisting businesses with advertising needs that ranged from print advertisements to telemarketing.

She was now on her way to bigger and better things as she was exploring her options to begin an advertising firm of her own which would provide affordable marketing solutions to small businesses. Michael had now opened Dawn's eyes to a whole new world of advertising that she had never even considered.
After several conversations, Dawn was excited about the possibility of learning and implementing an entirely new skill but knew that she had a lot of work ahead of her as she knew very little about the adventures that lay ahead.

Over the next several months, she spent literally fifteen hours per day, seven days per week learning everything she could about Internet marketing, market research, content development, HTML, web sites, writing skills, search engines and SEO through research, reading, courses, seminars, hands on training, networking and volunteering services to larger SEO companies.

Five months later, her learning process showed significant results, as her first web site began to climb quickly in all of the major search engines. High rankings, increased traffic and sales were all the motivation she needed to continue developing her knowledge and skills.

Today, Dawn is the Vice President of Web Submission Services Inc and continues her research and stays up to date on current search engine news and events through numerous resources and privileged access to exclusive forums, news and discussion groups. Daily projects consist of consultations, web site analysis, market research, content development, optimization, directory development and seeking advertising partners for various clients.

Dawn is an important asset to Web Submission Services as she continually strives to achieve higher visibility to our client’s web sites with top positioning results in all of the major engines for a multitude of traffic generating keyword phrases.

Amy - Web Designer & SEO

Amy joined us in October of 2002 with a strong background in web site design and SEO knowledge. Her outstanding web design skills have provided ideas and solutions to perplexing design issues that sometimes arise during the optimization of a website.

Amy's daily projects consist of research, consultations, web design & search engine optimization.

Michelle - Assistant SEO - Link Campaign Manager

Michelle joined us in November of 2002, as an SEO in training. Coming from a strong background in content development, marketing and customer service, she has become an invaluable team player and our star proof-reader. Her meticulous attention to detail allows her to find even the most miniscule errors.

Michelle's daily projects consist of market research, proof-reading, seeking advertising partners and assisting with various SEO needs.

Michael Jar- Link Campaign Assistant- Handles link campaigns on a daily bases. Monitors in-coming and out- going links.

Angela - Content Manager - Specializes in content writing, article development and web site research for writing content for any website.

Web Submission Services Inc 
Search Engine Marketing Specialist 
E-mail: Jacksonville-customer-service@internetmarketingwebsites.com