NR Investments, Inc

NR Investments, Inc

Nr Investments is a privately held real estate, investment, management and development company. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, NRI is actively involved in acquiring, repositioning, and managing real estate assets in major markets throughout the world.

NRI has real estate professionals strategically located inside key markets to recognize value add investment opportunities as well as expertly guide a fluid sale or lease transaction.

NR Investments core tenants, proprietary metrics, and proven record of creating value and strong returns on investment are applied to numerous real estate market segments;commercial office and industrial ownership, commercial shopping centers, multi family housing. This approach allows NRI to stay agnostic when seeking business opportunities and focus simply on market trends to ensure high return on investment.

NR Investments ability to recognize numerous properties below replacement costs has created a "perfect storm" opportunity to enhance value and improve cash flow for all investors.

An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise.

NR Investments has been described as a samba in a real estate world of slow dancing companies. In every project NRI takes calculated risks in an effort to provide investors with immediate tangible valuable, opposed to offering future promises. NR Investments startegy is to "deliver , then promise.

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