IBA takes a proactive approach to solving complex business issues. From the analysis to an expeditious problem resolution, we work together with our partners to provide full service consulting, strategic tax planning, mergers, acquisitions and succession planning for our medium-sized and large corporate clients.

Our access to a wealth of national benchmarking information, innovative problem solving and expert staff enables us to quickly and effectively solve our client’s most pressing business needs. Our goal is to establish long term business relationships directing all efforts on our clients’ business objectives and individual goals.

IBA has unparalleled depth in its senior management team which has managed well in excess of 45,000 management consulting engagements over the last 14 years. The goal of IBA is to become a virtual extension of our client by proactively crafting a partnership focused on maximizing our clients after tax dollars while accelerating growth and controlling costs.

IBA delivers qualitative and quantitative diagnostic studies with a tangible difference. You'll see that difference in how closely we focus on your needs and how we exceed your expectations.

Conducting an initial onsite comprehensive business analysis allows our company to custom design approaches to our clients’ business challenges with a value-enhancing premise providing, among other things, a third party objective view and a systematic approach to remedy and finely tune our clients’ business operations.

IBA Consulting combines the brightest management minds with proprietary business development techniques to deliver sustainable value for our clients. The core operating principles required to make a company successful need to be monitored and finely tuned. The key principles that surround how to generate a profit, maintain cash flow, enhance cash flow and maximize ease of operations are what IBA Consulting specializes in and delivers to each of our clients.

IBA helps to keep your operations running smoothly with outstanding client support. Our "Client First" service level of commitment makes satisfaction a top priority for us at Integrated Business Analysis.

In addition to our services, the Small Business Research Board monitors the opinions of small business owners and managers on a wide variety of topics related to their own business as well as national and international issues that may impact their operations. It’s the voice of small business opinions.

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Company History


Established in 1991, primarily as a small business development firm, IPA soon became a full service management consulting firm, employing more than 1,800 employees in North America.

IPA expanded its capabilities by building strategic alliances with ITA, IPA Advisory & Intermediary Services, Inc., IBA and AAL. These strategic alliances have added continual value and benefit to the small and medium-size businesses we serve.

The founder’s vision was to build a company that would provide quality consulting services to businesses and provide a rewarding lifestyle for its employees. This vision is now a reality. IPA and IBA Canada provide consulting services and guidance to owners of small to medium-size businesses, while IBA USA provides consulting and advisory services to companies with annual revenues in excess of $10 million.

No full service business development consulting company has gone from zero to $184 million in revenues faster than IPA.