www.Hi-Mobile.net  is an independent GSM marketing company. Our major business focuses on GSM family; the most successful wireless technology in the world.
-    We guarantee the latest models for the best prices.
-    All our models are brand-new with a 12 month manufacturer limited warranty.
-    We ship worldwide through FedEx and UPS. It takes between 1-2 business days and is traceable by the second.
-    Our customer service is always here to assist you at anytime necessary.
-    All buyers’ payments are under a 7.25% EAI. Meaning; if the buyer’s model was not in stock, his payment will be refunded with a benefit of 7.25% EAI.[/B]

-    One of our methods of payment is paypal; meaning we do not require to store any credit card's number in our data base. In addition to paypal, any buyer is eligible for buyer protection, where the buyer could open a case against the seller if the package has not arrived.
-    Every buyer will receive a tracking number.
-Registered company under Hi-Mobile Enterprise.


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