BKWine provides:
- Wine Tours to France and other countries
- Wine Courses for beginners and for experienced tasters
- Wine Tastings
- Wine Writing: a monthly news letter (free)
- Wine Photography: extensive photo library with wine pictures
- Wine Consulting

Full information is available on the site www.bkwine.com

BKWine / Britt Karlsson organises wine tours to the French wine regions (and sometimes elsewhere).

Travelling in wine country is the best and most enjoyable way of learning about wine, how it is made, how to taste it and to appreciate it more. Meeting the producers is a captivating experience that can be anything from an insight into a small family enterprise with a passionate wine maker talking about his wines and walking us through his vineyard, to an impressive visit to an "industrial" installation with the latest technical wine production equipment and marketing resources.

We always travel in small groups, typically 12-18 persons, to guarantee a personal experience. All tours combine the wine experience with local gastronomic specialities giving the traveller an added insight into for example wine and food pairing and local traditions. We interpret from French as needed.

BKWine 15 years experience of organising wine travel and from the wine trade in the areas of wine education, wine journalism and wine tourism. Over the years we have arranged more some 100 wine tours.

We have an extensive network of contacts in the wine regions, plus an excellent knowledge of recent developments thus ensuring that our tours are of exceptional quality. A wine tour with BKWine is a very special experience.

BKWine AB is a Swedish registered travel organiser. Travel guarantee to The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (“Kammarkollegiet”) in Sweden has been made according to Swedish and EU law.


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