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Progressive Business Systems

For check signers and printers - all your check writing needs, shredders, currency or coin counters, PBS has the solution!  Progressive Business Systems, Inc. has provided productivity solutions to companies and financial institutions for over 12 years. We strive to provide your company or institution SOLUTIONS, not just products. We will work with you to match your exact application to a productive solution.

We offer secure check signing solutions and laser check printing solutions to automate the tedious task of check signing and laser check printing. Our paper folding solutions allow you to save time by automating the tedious task of manually folding your documents. Our Destroyit and Dahle Paper Shredders ensure that all of your confidential internal documents stay that way! Our paper shredder solutions allow you to securely and efficiently destroy your sensitive documents. Progressive Business Systems, Inc. provides the financial institution market many productivity-enhancing solutions. Our currency and coin counting, check encoding and document counting solutions provide automated solutions to many manual tasks.

We are the home of Wycom check signing and laser check printing solutions. Check signing and laser check printing systems are our specialty. Are you a new purchaser of check signing or laser check printing products for your company? If so, please visit our Check Signing Resource Center for some helpful information. Our Wycom Classic and Elite check signing solutions are compatible with most HP laser printers and most models of dot matrix printers. Our Wycom Classic and Wycom Elite Check Signers will automate the check signing process. Want to laser print your entire check? Our Wycom Elite Laser Check Printing System allows you to laser print your entire check from blank security check stock! Which ever method you choose, check signing and laser check printing allow you to streamline the check disbursement process. By automating the check signing and check printing process, you will save both time and money while increasing the security and control over this process. In the past security was usually not the deciding factor in the decision process when purchasing check signing or laser check-printing equipment. It is a different environment today! Internal security must be maintained. Our Wycom product ensures that only authorized personnel can access the check signing capabilities of our products. All signatures are digitized and contained in a secure EPROM within the Wycom Classic or Elite product itself. Please visit these areas for more information. From computer interface check signing products to mechanical check signers we have the solution you are looking for. We also carry a wide range of MICR toner and laser check stock for your laser check printing needs. By combining our experience in check signing and laser check printing methods you can be assured of a productive and secure solution to your check signing or laser check printing needs.

Progressive Business Systems has represented the Destroyit line of paper shredders for over 12 years! Destroyit Paper Shredders are built to last. Destroyit Shredders are "commercial" paper shredders that stand up to the most demanding applications. While they are tough, they are also quiet and well suited to today’s office environment. Our Destroyit Paper Shredders can provide many years of trouble-free paper shredding. All Destroyit Paper Shredders carry one-year parts and labor warranty as well as a five-year warranty on the shred wheels themselves. Paper clips and staples? Shred em! No need to remove these items with our Destroyit Paper Shredders. Destroyit Paper Shredders offer both cross-cut and straight cut models. Our straight-cut models are best suited for volume paper shredding where a shredded paper width of 1/4" is acceptable. Our straight cut models allow for more documents to be shredded at one time. In addition, our straight-cut Destroyit Paper Shredder models require less maintenance. For a higher degree of security our cross-cut Destroyit Paper Shredders offer you a resulting shredded material much like confetti! Our cross-cut paper shredders are even offered in versions that can reduce your paper documents to dust! One big advantage to cross-cut paper shredders is the reduction of shredded paper bulk. Cross-cut paper shredders offer up to an 80% reduction in shredded paper bulk when compared to our straight cut paper shredder models. We will be happy to provide you samples of shredded documents at your request. Auto-start and fully enclosed cabinets are just some additional of our Destroyit Paper Shredders. We also provide a complete inventory of paper shredder bags and paper shredder lubricants. As with all of our products, Progressive Business Systems knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to match your exact application with the perfect Destroyit Paper Shredder solution!

Our financial products offer solutions to many operations found in our banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. Our currency counters allow you to automate the currency counting process. Your currency will be counted at a rate of up to 1500 currency notes per minute. Our currency counters offer automatic functions such as batch stops and auto-start. All of our currency counters offer user-friendly controls and simple set-up. Currency counter operation is simple and new tellers can be trained in minutes. We have many models of currency counters, each suited to meet the varying applications of our customers. From old worn notes to new brick bills, our currency counters get the job done! Progressive Business Systems, Inc. has over 12 years of experience in the sales and service of currency counters. Let us put our experience to work for you!

Progressive Business Systems offer many solutions for the coin counting and coin sorting processes you may be performing manually at this time. Or you may be looking for a better solution to replace your out-dated coin counting or coin sorting equipment. Coins can be counted and sorted in a fraction of the time it now takes to sort or count your coin currency. Coins can be sorted first or can be sorted as they are counted. Counting or sorting really depends on the type of coin counting and coin sorting operation that you have. Our solutions vary from simple coin counting and coin sorting to heavy volume coin sorting into coin bags. Some of our coin counting products allow you to sort and roll your coins with just one piece of equipment! Some applications only require the sorting of coins as the coins are processing into the coin bags. We have solutions for each of these coin counting and coin counting scenarios! All of our coin counters and coin sorters offer many user-friendly functions. Auto start, bag stops, jam rejection and user friendly controls are a hallmark of our coin counting and sorting products. New users can be trained to operate our coin counters and coin sorters in minutes! Let our knowledgeable sales staff match your exact application to one of our coin sorters, coin counters or combination coin sorter today!

Our desktop MICR check encoders are available in both new and reconditioned models. Decentralized desktop check encoding can reduce check encoding errors by ensuring no readability errors occur between the teller area and the proof departments. All of our varying models of check encoders can be matched to your exact check encoding application. All of our check encoders are programmed with your exact check encoding formats. All Check Encoders are fully warranted and include operator training upon installation. We carry the Standard Register, Maverick International and Encoder USA check encoder products. All of our check encoders ensure the proper encoding of all of your MICR documents. Progressive Business Systems also carries reconditioned check encoding equipment for low volume branch applications where cost is a major concern. We offer a complete line of MICR encoder ribbons for most makes and models of MICR check encoders. Call our knowledgeable sales staff to discuss your exact MICR check encoding equipment needs today!

Progressive Business Systems offer the latest in paper folding products to eliminate the tedious task of manually folding your paper documents. Checks, invoices, purchaser orders and correspondence can be folded in minutes! Our folders can make the standard folds such as letter, accordion or half folds in addition to custom folding applications. Our staff will be happy to evaluate your current documents and your exact paper folding application.

Progressive Business Systems provides many supplies for our products such as paper shredder bags and lubricants; MICR encoder ribbons and check signer signature plates. We also carry a complete line of supplies for our customers who are enjoying the benefits of laser check printing. We carry superior quality MICR laser toner for all brands of laser printers. We also provide blank security check stock in both stock and custom formats to meet any laser check printing application. Pre-printed laser check stock can also be ordered per your exact specifications. Should you need any supplies for competitive products, please let us know. Our sales staff will be happy to provide you pricing on any of our competitors' product supplies.

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