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Vines Pre Cast Services in Burleson, TX,  introduces  PhotoCrete USA. With 25+ years experience in the architectural pre-cast concrete industry, PhotoCrete USA developed a new technology to permanently transfer photographic and/or graphic images to pre-cast concrete structures. This process provides a unique long-sustaining alternative for the delivery of such medium and has the potential to enhance a city or structures identity through the illustration of history, art, monumental moments, and stands to re-envision a broad range of concrete applications. Formally known as Intaglio Composites, PhotoCrete USA is currently on display at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C, running on its second extension of Liquid Stone: Architecture in Concrete.

After six years of research and development at Vines Pre Cast Services, in Burleson TX, PhotoCrete USA unveiled this design tool in the fall of 2003. Since then, PhotoCrete USA successfully provided five early 1900's photos transformed into imaged sidewalk inlays as part of the city of San Antonio's design enhancement initiaves. The photographs are representative of key communities and eras in the oldest neighborhood in San Antonio, the first city in the United States to incorporate this photo-engraved process.

In September 2005, PhotoCrete USA delivered four three-section pavers for the pedestrian entrance of the historical downtown area in Bellflower, California. The 6' X 7' pavers display early photographic images of the city's first Western Union Office, established in 1930, the L.A. County Fire Department No. 23, established in 1920, and the 1950 Nubel Theatre.

In July 2005, PhotoCrete USA completed the Open Space Jeffrey Trail seat wall in Irvine, California. The 40 foot-long paneled illustration narrates the rich history of Irvine, CA with historic images of the city's founders and early influences. This project is featured on the Front Cover of Pre Cast Solutions, a magazine of the National Pre Cast Association.

PhotoCrete USA offers a line of products such as pavers, benches, and planters to incorporate this image transfer capability.

These photographic composites are composed of a high-performance Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) to achieve:

*Design Flexibility
*Higher Strength
*Increased Density
*Lower permeability
*High quality surface finish
And to eliminate the need for surface touch-ups without compromising the concrete’s
*Compression strength
Our system delays the formation of the cement mold where the image is located. This results is an exposed aggregate surface which becomes the image.

The quality of the photographic transfer depends on the
of the submitted image(s).

PhotoCrete USA, offers a line of products such as pavers, benches, and planters to incorporate this image transfer capability.

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