We are a business coaching firm that helps business owners acheive success, make more money and have the time to enjoy it.


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Company History

Our firm was founded out of a passion for growing and building businesses.
After spending the first four years of my career at PriceWaterhouse where I became a CPA, I spent the next 25 years buying, selling, growing and building businesses. I learned over those years that I am most happy, and at my best, when I am tackling a business challenge and turning it into an opportunity - building value.

I founded the firm in 2001. Today, our firm is the number one ActionCOACH Firm in Connecticut; number one in the Northeast and number three out of 400 ActionCOACH offices in North America. When you are passionate about what you do, the success just follows. We are number one because of the success that we have brought to the hundreds of businesses and business executives that we have coached one-to-one and in our seminars and workshops. This is our mission:

We bring balance, wealth, security and a sense of fulfillment to every business client that we coach. And in turn bring the same to every member of our firm.

We deliver to all of our clients proven systems and strategies that will allow them to realize their full potential as business owners; and to realize total control over all of their business ventures. We guaranty that we will treat every aspect of our clients’ business as if they were our own.

Because of my success, I have been fortunate to attract highly successful businesspeople to join the firm and thereby expand the knowledge and capabilities that we bring to our clients. Today, all combined, the three professionals in the firm have bought, built, grown, and sold 30 businesses. So, not only do we bring proven profit-building strategies to our clients, we bring years of “down in the trenches” business building expertise as well. We have done what we are coaching our clients to do. Most business coaches work as sole practitioners. We work as a collaborative team of business coaches here in our offices in Westport, CT so that our clients get the benefit of three experienced businesspeople, not just one.

I have always said that in my career (and I’m sure in the careers of our other coaches) I’ve made more mistakes than I care to remember. But now, we make sure that all of our clients avoid these mistakes; which allows them to grow and build their businesses faster. Fewer mistakes equal more profit!

Over the years of growing and building businesses, I have learned that being a business owner and chief executive can be, more often that not, a very lonely place. I have also experienced first hand, the confidence, commitment and sincerity a business coach brings to that place. Why is a business coach good for you and your business? Because our only mission as your business coach, our only purpose, is to be your advocate, to do everything that we can to make sure that you accomplish what you want. Period. Who else in your business organization has this as their only business agenda?

The knowledge that we have gained from coaching our clients over the years is priceless. And, we are thankful for the knowledge that we have gained from our clients and look forward to continuing this learning and sharing for the benefit of everyone we coach.

Finally, let me say that business coaching is only for business owners and executives who are truly willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals. If you are one of these rare people, and are willing push out of your comfort zone to work toward success; we would love to meet you. Our synergy with you will create success; knowledge and great value for you.

For Your Success,
James J. Malski