DCI Delta Consulting International

DCI Delta Consulting International

Asset Management Consulting

Our company is a totally independent asset management consulting company based in Paris, in France, we operate with major banks and asset management company worldwide for our clients.

We offer services to private clients or corporate clients worlwide in asset management.


Private Company

Company History

The company has been created in 2003 by Franck Caldarella who has more than 15 years experience in asset management for private clients, corporate clients and family office.

This company has been created because the clients of Mr Franck Caldarella ask him to do it to for introduce some new clients. 

DCI - Delta Consulting International, is a completely independant asset management consulting company. As it, we can choose which partner we are going to work with, and we don't have to sell or present any product, this way we can feel free to select and introduce our client the best solutions and product.

As our remuneration is paid by our partners, our work will cost nothing to our clients.

DCI is considered now in Europe as one of the most efficient asset management consulting company.