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What would be the most interesting way of demonstrating a product or teaching someone how to use a device? The answer is virtual! Virtual Reality is the best way to promote, train and simulate virtually anything. Imagine being able to put on a VR visor and instantly the world around you is transformed into a custom, intuitive and exciting computer generated environment. Virtual Reality doesn’t have to use a visor; it could be a real-time 3D world on a computer or even a 3D film.

Here are some different techniques in using Virtual Reality:

3D Video – 3D Video is usually pre-recorded and can be viewed with either a VR Visor, LCD shutter Glasses or on an Auto-stereo monitor. Most of us have had the chance to use the plastic yellow glasses at theme parks or Imax theaters. These allow you to see a screen but in reality you are seeing a different image for each eye. This creates the 3D effect. LCD shutter Glasses do the same thing but use a small computer chip to turn on and off the view from the left and right eye. The VR Visor does this by displaying two different views to each eye. 3D video has been around since the 1950’s when you could watch 3D movies in theaters. Of course now you can watch 3D DVDs or a program from a computer screen.

Real-time 3D – Real time 3D are images that are generated on the fly. Usually this means the equipment is run by a computer capable of generating distinct left and right images of a 3D world. Most commonly this is done in computer games. The advantage of using real time 3D is that you can interact with the user to inform, train or thrill. In real time 3D not only can you surround the person in a “live” environment, you can also put motion tracking devices on the user so that the computer can update the viewpoint based on the position of the head or hands.

Window on a World – This kind of VR is one of the easiest to use because it doesn’t use a visor. Window VR is any real time computer generated environment in which the user can move through and explore. First person shooter games are good examples of this. This type of VR can also be delivered over the web. In its most basic form it is a rendering 3D engine which can take 3D models and textures and display them. Some auto stereo monitors can display the image in stereoscopic 3D without glasses.

Augmented Reality – This is the hottest technology in VR development. AR begins to transcend the real and virtual world by combing both. In other words, this technology combines real world elements; people, buildings, things with virtual or computer generated things. There are two forms of this: see through head mounted displays or video enhanced head mounted displays. In the see through HMD the computer generated images are super imposed over your normal vision. This can be done with semi transparent LCD screens, prisms or by directly displaying images projected onto the retina. Video enhanced HMDs use tiny cameras that are placed in line with the user’s eyes. When the computer generated virtual images are turned off, the user see’s the world around them normally, when the images are turned on, CG objects appear to exist near, around, and interact with the real world. Because this technology is relatively new, this is the most expensive form of VR.

3001 AD has experience and routinely produces VR applications in all of these forms. VR can be used for gaming, tradeshows, meetings, training, simulation, entertainment, medical, military, education and many other purposes. 3001 AD can take your unique need and apply VR technology to it to produce an effective and memorable product or production. VR technology can be used for a single person, a large audience or thousands of people across the web.

Here are some examples of how VR could work for you.

Tradeshow: You are looking for a unique way to stand out at a convention. By creating a VR attraction that uses several HMDs, visitors to your booth put on the visors and at first are entertained by a virtual character that tells them about your product. Then they are taken on a demonstration of the product where a live 3D representation spins in front of them. The product also zooms into different features and can be disassembled revealing the inner workings. Next the visitor is encouraged to try the product out using a glove to hold it and make it work. This kind of program will have people waiting in lines to try out your VR system and is one of the most effective ways of educating people about your product.

Training: You have been sending trainers to remote locations to teach technicians repair procedures on a machine. By using a VR system running on a laptop, you can now teach technicians advanced techniques by interacting with a virtual simulation of the machine. You can setup the machine to run in a particular way and challenge the technician to solve the problem. You can also test the tech and even provide certification. You might even update the program automatically from your home office over the web. 3001 AD has engineers that come from a training background and have years of experience creating and developing training programs.

Visualization: You have a machine that scans an object and creates a 3D model of the scan. We can create a program that will allow the user to examine the object, overlay important data and even show an animated progression comparing the object over time. 3001 AD is working with 3001 Medical to accomplish this very goal for a major hospital group. By using a visor, the doctor can examine the scan quickly and easily and in outstanding clarity and detail.

Education: You have a need to reach students in a unique way. Traditional methods of teaching haven’t worked very well and you are looking for a way for students to learn and be entertained at the same time. 3001 AD can create an educational VR system that works like a videogame but challenges the students to think and solve problems. Kids are naturally drawn to VR technology and even difficult to comprehend concepts can be interesting and exciting to learn.

Entertainment: You have an entertainment facility and are looking for something that people will flock to. VR games are a specialty for 3001 AD as we got our start producing attractions for theme parks and building games for arcades. We know how to create a unique game that uses all of the advances in computer technology to bring the very latest entertainment format into your facility.

3001 AD is building on its vast experience of VR technology and offering you an opportunity to jump ahead of the curve.

Creating a unique VR application for you is a simple process. First we will work with you to define specific goals for the application, laying out a detailed map of how it will work and what expectations you can expect when it is completed. We will then create a development schedule with milestones so that you can be involved as much as you like in the actual programming and assembly of your system. We will then build a prototype that can be tested and adjusted until it is perfect for your application. Finally 3001 AD can manufacture custom plastic, circuit boards and even distribute your application for you. Using VR has never been easier.

To get started on your very own project, contact 3001 AD today at 1-800-605-6703 and speak with one of our agents. We look forward to expanding your vision and bring you the very best in virtual reality technology. Contact us for a demo or stop by for a tour of our facility in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida.

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