Club Mayfair

Club Mayfair

Club Mayfair specialises in holiday and residential accomodation in Pafos, Cyprus.

Club Mayfair was created 4 years ago as an in-house booking agent for the Mayfair hotel resort, We offered our repeated guests great savings on holiday accommodation, in some cases saving holiday makers 40% on tour packages, which gave our clients more holidays for their money. We also joined a company called dial-an-exchange which offered our clients the opportunity to use their booked weeks here in an exchange programme to travel all around the world for the same cost as a holiday in Cyprus!

Our success has grown and grown over the years, our accommodation packs turned into lifetime holiday ownership. Here was where the New Mayfair Gardens wing was reborn. Due to the sheer numbers of Club Mayfair members we had to create a super complex offering fantastic facilities, quality service and top quality accommodation. We decided not only to offer holiday packages and holiday ownership but to give our clients the opportunity to own their whole apartment whereby they can use it for their holidays, use it as a source of income or and to use it in the exchange programme to travel all around the world. Never before has so much been offered to property owners here in Cyprus in our new Mayfair Gardens.

Our aim is to supply you with a fully operational apartment whether you will buy to let or use occasionally and exchange it for holiday accommodation around the world or to use as a full time residence, our apartments will suit your individual needs. Although we want to be able to offer a full service for you we also appreciate that there will be some off you that like to be involved with the refurbishments, this is why we have it all set up so you can email all your ideas and changes for us to carry out on your behalf. During the transition period you are welcome to come and visit your new home for a progress check anytime and your accommodation will be free of charge.
Our promise to you is to deliver your property within 3 months of the first payment, fully refurbished to our and your high standards, you will be able to move in and use as your own right away without having to worry about towels bed sheets or any of the small things, you wont need to worry about air con or heating, electric or water even down to your refuse collection, every little detail is taken care of. No worries, no headache, taking the stress out of purchasing a property abroad.

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