Annington Ferraday Recruitment

Annington Ferraday Recruitment

Launched in January 2006, Annington Ferraday exists to provide a direct, honest and candid approach to your recruitment needs. 

We are a team who are to the point, direct, sometimes too honest, but constantly acting in the best interests of our clients and our candidates, not purely for our bottom line results. 

As a business we don't have our fingers in all the pies, our core sectors which we recruit into are: Accountancy & Finance, Recruitment to Recruitment, Built & Natural environment, Commercial & Sales & Marketing. 

With a team of Consultants who are given true freedom to run their division as they see fit, a flat management structure and a true belief in quitting the corporate speak and delivering results to you, the client, Annington Ferraday should be considered as part of your recruitment mix.

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