The history of the company began in 2005, when a number of local groups of independent software developers joined together into a united team, which aimed at the expansion in the international software market.

For a period of time the company existed under GST Software label and specialized in programming applications for PC. In 2005-2006 as a result of changes in the business conception the name of the company was also changed to Elcom (abbreviated from 'electronic commerce'). At the same time deep restructurization of the company was performed: several divisions specializing in different fields of IT were created.

Today's main business directions of the company are global/offshore software outsourcing, software solutions for electronic commerce and mobile commerce systems, software solutions for electronic currency enterprises as well as for online merchant systems.

Elcom has contracted with a number of IT-companies in Russia and all over the world including such countries as the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, India, China, Switzerland and Germany. Due to cooperation with partners who specialize in different fields of informational technologies all over the world Elcom can find and bring into life most difficult and innovative solutions.

Now the company is planning to create a laboratory to develop software products for medical and pharmaceutical companies.


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