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  • 2005 Asian Tour Press Release

    Details About Ron Korb's 2005 Tour of Asia (September and October, 2005)

    Ron Korb is an internationally acclaimed flutist. His career highlights include 9 solo albums released worldwide, and over 50 credits as a flutist on television and motion picture soundtracks.
    In addition to his own concerts during his extensive tours around the globe in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America), Ron has performed with a number of major artists including Dadawa (Zhu Zhe Qin), Shakti and for shows such as the Lord of the Rings Symphony.

    Ron Korb has been a guest flutist on recordings by numerous other artists internationally including Liona Boyd, Dan Gibson, and Pat Clemence. He has composed hit songs for a number of Asian artists including Alan Tam, Stephanie Lai, Yvonne Lau, Roman Tam, and Patricia Chan.

  • Ron Korb's Biography

    Biography for Ron Korb, Flutist, Composer and International Recording Artist