Junction Creative Solutions Welcomes Barb Maimone as a Strategic Account Executive

“Barb’s sales experience, impressive track record, and enthusiasm for solving business challenges will serve her well at Junction,” said Julie Cropp Gareleck, Managing Partner, Junction. “Her unique perspectives and business experience with strategic account management, marketing, and consulting is a tremendous asset to the firm.” - August 29, 2010

Junction Creative Solutions: Strategy Uprising for the Creation of Sustainable Businesses

2009 was riddled with stories of corporate downsizing, bankruptcies, and economic uncertainty. The environment rattled even the most accomplished businesses. Some failed, closing the doors forever. Others narrowly survived and new businesses are emerging, both facing the incredible challenge of adapting to a new business climate. It is what one company calls a strategy uprising. - February 24, 2010

The New Hybrid: Advertising Agency & Consulting Firm in One

Boasting a portfolio of successful strategies, Junction Creative LLC (Junction) enters the market with a new business model, that which combines a consulting firm with that of an advertising agency. - January 09, 2010

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