One-of-a-kind Manufacturer Nexgen Technologies Goes with Visibility ETO ERP

Nexgen Technologies is an emerging leader in the manufacture of unique capital equipment designed for the semiconductor industry. Based in Santa Clara, CA, Nexgen leverages outsourcing of major components allowing their organization to focus on engineering, product development and testing. As a... - December 01, 2006

Business Process Automation by Visibility Profiled in Industrial Market Trends

Manufacturing Journalist Thomas R. Cutler Profiled Business Process Automation by ETO (engineer to order) manufacturers in the current issue of Industrial Market Trends. The article can be read in its entirety at... - November 27, 2006

Visibility ERP Selected by TSS Inc.

According to Bob Meyer at TSS, “We were interested at the time in a system that was fully integrated and could tie the manufacturing with the financials. We wanted to be able to better track inventory and job costing. We wanted the ability to know where the parts were at all times on the shop... - November 17, 2006

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Features Stephen Carson of Visibility Corporation

The current issue of Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News can be read at including David Vaczek’s feature article. Rebecca Gill of Technology Group International, Stephen Carson of Visibility Corporation, and Stephen Parker of... - October 25, 2006

ETO Manufacturers: Different BPM than Make-to-Stock

Automating business processes streamlines operations thus minimizing overhead costs and enforcing disciplines based on best practices. Together this helps preserve the integrity of the business data and ensures that users of the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system adhere to the processes that... - October 21, 2006

Visibility Corporation to Exhibit at APICS Conference

The APICS Conference will be held in Orlando October 29 - 31, 2006. Visibility Corporation can be found at booth 1105 at the APICS Conference. Many individuals at Visibility Corporation have been APICS certified including Executive VP of Sales, Steve Carson and Senior Implementation Consultant,... - October 19, 2006

Advanced Manufacturing Profiles Project-based ERP Leader Visibility

According to the manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler in the September issue of Advanced Manufacturing, “Many difficulties in business process management relate to “off-system” manual tasks, such as notification, investigation, authorization, and follow up. The ability to... - September 28, 2006

Manufacturing & Technology Reveals Midwest Advantage in is an integrated ERP solution and more. Offering unparalleled functionality and integrated workflow, this browser-based solution cost effectively delivers the power of .NET-based Web services for use with either a Microsoft SQL Server™ or Oracle® database. Conducting... - September 22, 2006

Manufacturing & Logistics IT Profiles Visibility

According to Thomas R. Cutler, leading manufacturing journalist, in the current issue of Manufacturing & Logistics IT, “Rollalong was awarded the £40 million, seven-year contract to design and manufacture accommodations for Junior and Senior Ranks and Officers in Aldershot and... - August 25, 2006 Selected by UK’s Rollalong

Rollalong, a leading provider of modular buildings and portable cabins in the UK, has been delivering space solutions for over 50 years, recently selected project-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) leader Visibility. Rollalong won a multi-million pound deal to engineer, manufacture and... - July 25, 2006

VISIBILITY and HighJump Software Alliance Adds Value

Visibility’s partnership with HighJump Software (a 3M Company) of Eden Prairie, MN, continues to add value for Visibility’s manufacturing clients, witnessed by the high level of adoption and satisfaction. Data Collection Advantage® for Visibility is an integrated solution... - July 17, 2006

ERP for Project-based Companies Addresses Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Software such as the ERP system, as a business tool, provides substantial controls used to address compliance requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley. These built-in capabilities provide specific automation that when applied with procedural controls greatly assist in achieving optimal results... - July 03, 2006 Profiled in

According to manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, in the current issue of, “A flow or process may have been documented outside of an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, where there is no formal way to ensure compliance. In the past, paper documents and unmanaged... - June 13, 2006 Chosen by Genesys Controls Corporation

Genesys Controls Corporation, headquartered in Lancaster, PA has selected ERP Software. Genesys Controls Corporation manufactures industrial control systems, control panels and custom microelectronics. Genesys differentiates themselves by working closely with their customers by... - May 23, 2006

British Mining Electrical Solutions Firm Based in UK Goes with

Baldwin & Francis Limited, headquartered in Sheffield, UK has selected ERP. According to Mark Thornton of Visibility Corporation, “One of the biggest factors in their decision was to take advantage of the latest technology in combination with the comprehensive To-Order... - May 15, 2006

Visibility Corporation and Business Solutions Alliance Inc. (BSA) Form Strategic Partnership

BSA will implement and resell Visibility Corporation's .net based ERP solution, The partnership combines an ERP software solution with the significant experience of a proven implementation and sales organization focused on the Canadian Manufacturing market. BSA is respected for... - April 21, 2006 100% Browser Based: 1st in ETO ERP Market is one of the first enterprise business applications to be written from the onset entirely using the Microsoft.NET framework and web services architecture. This provides complex manufacturers with a distinct set of advantages when it comes to deploying the application. IT... - April 13, 2006

Complex Manufacturers Define Strategic Advantages in ERP

Complex manufacturers have more than fifty percent of their business in international markets. The need to access the dynamic communication interface has never been stronger . Strategic advantages across the entire enterprise must include Operations Management, Technology, Business Performance... - April 12, 2006

Visibility ETO ERP Conference to Include a Yachting Adventure

Visibility Corporation ( is a leading developer and supplier of business software solutions designed for the unique needs of project-based, engineer-to-order and to-order manufacturers. Visibility's Enterprise Application solutions help midsize manufacturers of complex products... - March 16, 2006

Electromagmetic Sciences Values Visibility Project-Based ERP

Located in Norcross, Georgia and in business for the last thirty years, Electromagmetic Sciences, Inc. (EMS) owes its longevity to quality, innovation and the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of advanced communication and signal processing products. Since its inception, EMS has... - March 15, 2006 Mobility Drives Corporate Competitiveness drives corporate competitiveness due to the fact that it is 100% web based; the client device only needs Internet Explorer to access the ERP system. According to Stephen Carson, executive vice-president with Visibility Corporation, “Anywhere anytime mobility is a big advantage... - March 10, 2006

Visibility Corp .net ERP Continues Expansion with DWA Partners

Expansion continues with DWA Partners and Visibility Corp .net ERP. - March 09, 2006

Automate Compliance and Mitigate Risk Improved through Improves Automate Compliance and Mitigate Risk - March 06, 2006

IQPlus by Visibility Corporation Generates ETO Value

ETO Value Generatesd by IQPlus from Visibility Corporation - March 01, 2006 1st .NET Framework ETO ERP

1st ETO ERP .NET Framework with - March 01, 2006 Offers Multi-Language for ETO ERP

Multi-Language offered for ETO ERP with - February 27, 2006

Mobility Drives Corporate Competitiveness for Project-Based Manufacturers

Corporate Competitiveness Drives Mobility for Project-Based Manufacturers. - February 25, 2006

Visibility ERP Conference to Optimize Technology Investment

Conference to Optimize Technology Investment for Visibility ERP - February 24, 2006

John T. Nugent: Chairman and CEO of Engineer-to-Order ERP Leader Visibility Corporation

Chairman and CEO John T. Nugent of Engineer-to-Order ERP Leader Visibility Corporation Interviewed. - February 20, 2006

Visibility Corporation ETO ERP Expands West with Level Eight

ETO ERP Expands West for Visibility Corporation and Level Eight. - February 17, 2006 Provides Adaptable Shop Floor Control

Adaptable Shop Floor Control with - February 09, 2006

Visibility Corporation Addressed ISO Certification and Challenges for Project-Based Manufacturers

ISO Certification and Challenges for Project-Based Manufacturers Addressed by Visibility Corporation - February 02, 2006

Visibility Corporation Addresses Quality Issues for Project-Based Manufacturers

Quality issues addressed by Visibility Corporation for project-based manufacturers. - January 03, 2006

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