Bargain Properties in Thailand: Excellent Investment Opportunity

Recent reports have indicated a recovery in the low-end property sector of the Thailand property market; with an abundance of new developments being initiated at the beginning of 2009. These low end properties are being bought by Thailand citizens, while the luxury and high end sectors continue to struggle, devout of the level of international interest that existed even 10 months ago. - March 18, 2009

Property for Sale in Estonia: Bargains to be Had

For the people who have ever wanted a holiday home in Estonia, now is the time to buy, says overseas property portal Property Abroad. - March 18, 2009

Sellers of Spanish Property Largely Unwilling to Reduce Prices

Overseas property portal Property Abroad has revealed that only 12% of private sellers of property in Spain have gotten to the point where they accept the realisation that price-drops may be necessary if they want to sell in a reasonable time frame. The figure suggests that the Spanish property market may have a long way to go before it recovers according to Les Calvert, director of the portal, he said: - March 15, 2009

Searches & Enquiries Up for Greece Property - Portal

Overseas property portal Property Abroad is seeing an increase in the number of searches for Greece property. The increase is likely due to people looking to take the credit crunch as an opportunity and get a bargain holiday home in the country, according to Julie Liddle, a market trends analyst with the firm, she said: - March 15, 2009

Croatia Property to See Increased Sales Late 2009

Croatia property will see a massive upturn in sales towards the end of this year, as EU negotiations over its accession nears its positive resolution, according to overseas property experts. There is little doubt that Croatia will become a full member of the EU early in 2010. Its accession will undoubtedly being price rises on Croatia property, according to overseas property portal Property Abroad. Erin Scott, the firm's director of market trends research for the firm said: - March 15, 2009

Dominican Republic Best Value and Caribbean Investment Property

The Dominican Republic offers the best value for money and investment potential in Caribbean property, says overseas property portal Property Abroad. According to Julie Liddle, who researches emerging markets for the firm, properties offering 100% finance and guaranteed rental yields are among the best opportunities, especially apartment-hotel style products. She said: - March 15, 2009

New Nice Property Has Instant Equity

Property Ltd has announced the addition of a new off plan property in Nice. The development offers off plan apartments in the heart of Nice from little over £100,000. The portal expects that the property will sell well, and will become a shining example of the investment potential of Nice property. Erin Scott, director of market trends for the portal said: - March 14, 2009

Egypt for Property Investment 2009 - Portal

Egypt is one of the best places to make a property investment in 2009, especially Hurghada, according to overseas property portal Property Abroad. Julie Liddle, an emerging markets researcher for the portal said: - March 14, 2009

Czech Republic Property Full of Potential - Portal

The Czech Republic should definitely be looked at by property investors this year according to overseas property portal Property Abroad. Julie Liddle, the firm's emerging markets analyst said: - March 14, 2009

Cyprus Property: Sales Down, But Not Enquiries

While Cyprus property sales may be down, enquiries are not, according to overseas property portal Property Abroad. Julie Liddle, an emerging markets researcher with the portal said: - March 14, 2009

Property Abroad: the Ideal Austrian Holiday Home

Overseas property portal Property Abroad has unveiled their holiday home of the century. Les Calvert, director of the portal said: - March 11, 2009

High End Bahamas Property Insulated Against Crunch

High-end Caribbean property is proving to be insulated from the credit-crunch, according to overseas property portal Property Abroad. Director Les Calvert said: - March 11, 2009

Rising Interest in Barbados Property – Portal

Overseas property portal has reported that interest in Barbados property is picking up again. The portal said that enquiries into Barbados property, which had been severely low in the past 6 months, had begun to pick back up again. - March 11, 2009

Romania Property Growing in Popularity - Property Abroad

Overseas property portal Property Abroad has announced that enquiries into Romania properties increased by 10% in January 2009. The figures are based on the total number of enquiries for Romania properties in January 2009 being higher than they were in January 2008, which subsequently means Property Abroad had more enquiries into properties in Romania than it has had any other month since it first began advertising property in Romania. - March 08, 2009

Croatia Property to See New Popularity in 2009

Overseas property portal Property Abroad expects an increase in interest in Croatia property from investors in the coming months, after the EU foreign affairs Committee's announced that negotiations with Croatia over its accession into the EU can be concluded in 2009. Les Calvert director of the portal said: - March 08, 2009

Florida Repossession Properties Advertised with Full Details

Overseas property portal Property Abroad can now make details available of the many Florida and Orlando repossession properties it has on offer at bargain basement prices. Late last month the portal announced it had been approached about advertising large numbers of repossessed properties in Florida, and the amazing bargains that were among them, but couldn't give any details. Now the details have become available Les Calvert said: - March 06, 2009

Property Abroad Recommends Albania Property Investment

Overseas property portal Property Abroad has announced the addition of new overseas investment property in Albania. Albania has been in the news lately as big real estate investment trusts move into Eastern Europe, primarily focussed on Albania -- most recently 05 Feb 2009 with a big UK fund announced. - February 20, 2009

Property Portal Sees 25% Growth in FSBO Properties Ltd, a company that is collectively responsible for over 300 websites, each specialising in a particular county or area of the property industry, has announced a 35% increase in the number of properties for sale by owner (FSBO) since July 2008. Les Calvert director of the group said: - February 20, 2009

Australia Property Grows in Popularity

Property Abroad have revealed Australia as an upcoming overseas property destination, having more enquiries about Australian property in the last 6 weeks than any other country. Les Calvert, director of the overseas property portal said: - February 20, 2009

Portal Property Abroad Suggests Small Scale REITs

As fractional ownership re-emerges as a growing popular form of overseas property investment, overseas property portal Property Abroad says that any property can be a fractional ownership investment. - February 12, 2009

Isla Margarita Investment Property from Property Abroad

Overseas property portal Property Abroad has announced the addition of a new off-plan development on the Caribbean island of Margarita just off the coast of Venezuela. - February 12, 2009

Panama Property Boosted by US Trade Promotion

Panama's property market is proving to be one of the world's most resilient to the global downturn, with the massive canal expansion plan well under way and projects like Trump towers and other massive sky-scraping developments, being built and dominating the skyline. But one overseas property expert sees a massive boost for Panama's economy in 2009, which in turn would help the property market stay resistant. - February 06, 2009

Property Abroad Pinpoints Paraiba's Property Investment Potential

Overseas property portal Property Abroad has announced a new bargain development in Paraiba Brazil as a hot investment opportunity. Les Calvert, Property Abroad managing director said: - February 06, 2009

Sell My Property - a Revolutionary New Property Portal

The Ltd group has announced the launch of a revolutionary new online property portal. - February 04, 2009

Montenegro Property Recommended by Property Abroad Portal

Following a period of research overseas property portal Property Abroad has named Montenegro as one of the few markets favourable for property investment in 2009. Les Calvert, director of the portal said: - February 04, 2009

Property Abroad Hails Slovakia Property's Investment Potential

Overseas property portal Property Abroad has named Slovakia as one of the safest places to make a property investment in 2009. The announcement comes after months of research into European economies, and comparable findings and predictions from other research reports. Les Calvert director of the portal said: - January 30, 2009

Mexico Property Favourable for Investment in 2009

Mexico is a favourable market for property investment for 2009 an industry expert has stated. Les Calvert director of upcoming property portal Property Abroad, said: - January 30, 2009

Research Reveals Sustained Growth in Dominican Republic Property

The Dominican Republic is one of the few countries where prices have continued to grow despite the global financial situation, according to specialist overseas property portal Property Abroad. Liam Bailey, their chief market analyst said: - January 30, 2009

Cape Verde Property: A Secure Investment

Cape Verde has among the very secure property rights compared to its neighbours a research study has found. The 2009 Index of Economic Freedom carried out by the Heritage Foundation think-tank also noted Cape Verde's lower tariffs and moved the country into 77th place with a score of 61.3 up 3.4 points on last year. Overseas investment and property were noted as particularly strong areas. - January 30, 2009

Thai PM to End Political Turmoil: Gives Thailand Property Investors Hope

In his first statement to international media, the new Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has promised that his government will be a fair government for all the people and that he "will bring Thailand's governance back to normalcy." If he does it will be: "great news for the emerging property markets in Thailand's islands," according to Les Calvert director of Property Abroad. - January 29, 2009

Belize Property: Great Holiday Home or Investment

An industry expert has stated that properties in Belize -- like several other Latin American countries -- continued to grow in value rapidly through the beginning of the credit-crunch, and are holding their value now as the credit-crunch continues to become more severe. - January 29, 2009

FTSE Emerging Property Market Index a Valuable Source

The FTSE group, in conjunction with the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA), and the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) is to launch 12 new real time indexes, to track the performance of property stocks in emerging markets. - January 29, 2009

Credit-Crunch Good News for French Ski Property

An abundance of snow, combined with the credit-crunch has brought a surge in popularity to French ski resorts, as less French residents go abroad. - January 23, 2009

100 Billion Euros Give German Property Investors Hope

The German Government is about to unveil a multi-billion Euro fund to assist businesses that can't obtain finance from the banking system, Chancellor Angela Merkel has revealed. - January 23, 2009

ECB Rate Cut Could 'Stimulate a Recovery" in Europe

As expected by analysts the European Central Bank has cut interest rates by 0.5% to just 2.0%, on the back of reports that the Euro Zone's economic slowdown could get worse than was previously thought. - January 17, 2009

English Property Bargains Present Investment Opportunity

The English property market is offering an abundance of fantastic investment opportunities, according to an industry expert. Liam Bailey chief market analyst for property portal Property Abroad said: - January 15, 2009

Malaysia Property Currently a Favourable Purchase

The recent massive changes in global exchange rates have made Malaysia an even more favourable location to invest in for British buyers. - January 14, 2009

Bargain Barbados Properties from Property Abroad

Overseas Property Portal Property Abroad has announced the addition of some bargain properties in Barbados. They have Barbados properties, including apartments and villas starting from under £200,000. - January 11, 2009

Spanish Property Presents Bargains, Tenerife Growth Continues

Spanish property prices could drop by up to a fifth in the next year, according to market experts. - January 11, 2009

Repossessed Spanish Property: Holiday Home Buyer and Investors Dream

Spanish property is currently offering many bargains, as the market crash causes prices to drop 16% with another 15% forecast for the coming year. - January 11, 2009

Orlando Foreclosures Expo - Florida Repossession Properties

Foreclosure properties are in abundance in Florida; their coming back onto the market presents an array of bargains for the overseas property investor. - January 11, 2009

Koh Phangan Property Investment

Koh Phangan, a small island in the gulf of Thailand offers some of the finest property investment opportunities on the global market, according to overseas property portal Property Abroad. Liam Bailey, chief market analyst for the firm said: - January 09, 2009

Credit-Crunch Should Boost Overseas Property Investment

With the credit-crunch still showing no signs of abating, it is time to restart the boom in overseas property investment, according to one industry expert. - January 08, 2009

World Bank Loan May Boost Polish Resale Market

The World Bank has agreed to give the Polish government the €975 million it asked for in the summer to help fund a series of fiscal reforms and wider economic changes aimed at improving conditions for businesses, develop more skilled workers and making public finances more efficient. The World Bank is also willing to send experts into Poland to help the government implement the changes. - January 08, 2009

South Koreans Snap Up Canada Property

The number of South Koreans buying homes in Canada doubled between June and July this year, and when figures are released for the final quarter a similar increases are expected. - January 08, 2009

American Property Becomes More Appealing

The US Federal Reserve announced last week that it would cut the federal funds rate from 1% to between 0 and 0.25%, a move that should lower the cost of mortgages and make a US property investment even more appealing. Liam Bailey, chief market analyst for overseas property portal Property Abroad... - January 07, 2009

Bulgaria Sixth Most Popular with Overseas Property Buyers

It has been revealed by overseas property portal, Global Edge that Bulgaria is sixth most popular among their 1.4 million visitors. - December 31, 2008

Croatian Property Market Boosted by Government Efforts

The Croatian government has been commended for its efforts to encourage foreign investment in the country's property market. Paul Collins of Buy Association noted that the government had done everything possible to bring more overseas property investors into the market; including highlighting the country's tourism potential, and removing obstacles to foreigners buying in the country. - December 31, 2008

Cyprus' Resilient Mediterranean Property Market

Cyprus' property market is another to go on the list of credit crunch survivors. According to Jonathan Salsbury, since last Autumn Cyprus' property market has gradually become less dependent on British buyers. A transformation that is now almost complete, as Eastern European buyers including Russians now sit beside Cypriot second home buyers as the predominant force fuelling the booming Cypriot property market. British and Western buyers now account for a far smaller proportion of the market. - December 12, 2008

Brazil Property Market Best in Current Climate

"The Best" market in the world for overseas investors - US Billionaire Sam Snell's words as he comments on the property market in Brazil and its direction. - December 11, 2008

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