The WELLEX™ Interspinous Process Technology aims at perfecting the balance between motion and stability by restoring the posterior tension band, the facet congruence and the foraminal height. The Wellex, developed by Dr. Jean-Marc Fuentes from France and Eden Spine, is based on over ten years of clinical experience with similar type devices.
Its unique characteristics establish it as the latest generation of extension controllers, positioning it to be the solution of choice for patients who are unresponsive to conservative treatment, not willing to suffer the consequences of a fusion and in need of pain relief from spinal stenosis.
A WELLEX™ surgery is minimally invasive, with reduced operative time and no removal of bony and soft tissue. In addition, implants are customized pre-operatively to adapt to patient morphology and provide the best possible results.
Biomechanically, the Wellex maintains flexion, axial rotation and lateral bending but more importantly, it is not an extension blocker! It controls extension dynamically, positively impacting the neutral zone and reducing disc and facet loading. Multi–level implantations are possible.