HE PERFX-2™ is a low profile Polyvalent Polyaxial Pedicle Screw System with rigid rod for spinal fusions and dynamic rods for dynamic stabilization indications, specifically designed to perfect the balance between motion and stability.
The technology allows surgeons to create a dynamically instrumented transitional zone (i.e. topping-off) above a fused segment, controlling the range of motion of the hyper-solicited adjacent level, protecting its integrity and longevity.
Key benefits of the PERFX-2™ Dynamic Rods:

Maintain motion
Burn no bridges
Stabilize the motion segment
Offloads the disc and restore its height
Prevent hyper-loading of the facet joints
Prevent adjacent disc disease (topping-off)
Control the sagittal plane bending of the treated level

The PERFX-2™ System comes complete with:

Polyaxial & monoaxial screws
Straight & pre-bent rigid & dynamic rods (5.5mm)
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