The GIZA™ is the latest generation of titanium expandable Vertebral Body Replacement Systems.
It allows surgeons to perform lumbar or thoracic Corpectomy procedures, and has been specifically developed to improve patient care by saving valuable time OR time and decreases the risk of subsidence.
A Corpectomy is a surgical procedure performed to fuse the vertebrae together after a portion of the bone and the disc has been removed. To safely achieve this goal, the GIZA™ also features an open architecture designed to allow bone growth.
The GIZA™ is designed to work with the anatomy in a modular fashion. Each implant comes fully assembled, inclusive of multiple angulation options available by simple rotation of the implants endplates.
Adjustment of the implant height is securely achieved in-situ with a simple and reliable locking mechanism that maintains the implant in distraction and avoids compression.