THE NEXIAL™ cervical cage is specifically designed by surgeons for surgeons. Made of PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Ketone), its modulus of elasticity closely approximates cortical bone, encouraging load sharing while minimizing stress shielding, resulting in bone fusion enhancement.
The NEXIAL™ is offered in multiple footprints to provide surgeons with a wide selection of anatomical solutions. The cage has been designed to optimize endplate contact as well as receive a maximum amount of grafting material.
The NEXIAL™ simplicity and intuitive instrumentation provides a reliable solution for cervical fusions.

Notched implant retaining edges reinforce implant anchorage, minimizing the risk of expulsion
Large graft area maximizing the chances of a successful fusion
Large contact area minimizing the risk of subsidence
Implants available with parallel or lordotic angles offering multiple options of sagittal alignment
Multiple footprint options accommodate varying patient anatomy