Lift-Off Pipe Supports

LOR (Lift-Off Rest).

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Lift-Off Pipe Supports has recently supplied our 6 and 8 LOR range of pipe supports to a well know pipeline operating company with excellent results.
The client is very impressed with the support as they do not fall off or get displaced during line expansion or contraction and very fast to install (about 15 minutes)
The LOR is unique in the sense that IT HAS A VERY HIGH CONDUCTIVITY RESISTANCE, to ensure that the pipelines and associated equipment is adequately grounded. A major cause of cathodic protection failures.
We supplied 6" and 8" LOR's to suit 12". 16", 20" and 24" piping.
The advantage of the LOR is that the support barrier, or width only needs to be approximately half of the pipe diameter and addresses the contact point between the support beam and the pipe.
We also supply the LOR to suit structural sections from 1" to 16" wide flange widths and lengths up to 12" (can supply in lengths up to 20ft. on request.