KryptAll K iPhone

If you can't communicate securely, you can't operate

You rely on phones to discuss important information and KryptAll has the solution to ensure your conversations are not made public someday.

The K iPhone is available in the 8, 8 Plus, XR, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max Standard versions that supply all the KryptAll secure communication functions. Contact us for your custom designed K-iPhone.

-Cannot Be Intercepted
-No Backdoors
-Cannot Be Traced
-No Record of Calls
-Spyware & Malware Detection
-Secure Global Network
-Use Anywhere in the World
-Call Any Phone and Be Secure
-Guarantees Your Privacy

KryptAll now makes it possible to encrypt all your phone calls by using a patent pending solution that provides encryption from the phone to the global network of secure servers, eliminating the need for both parties to use encryption devices when the user is the target of eavesdropping. You can make your calls secure to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Call for Pricing and Availability.

*KryptAll guarantees the call cannot be intercepted when the user is the target.