Sugar Mango ™

Sugar Mangos ™ are a miniature mango variety, with an extra sweet and juicy flavor and a thin outer skin which is edible. This fruit has become an instant success, with its flavorful aroma and low fiber, juicy, taste experience.

Sugar Mangos™ and Sweet Sugar Mangos™ are exclusive, trademarked varieties of Goldenberry Farms, a US-based fruit grower with a network of farms and growing regions across the world. Sugar Mangos™ are grown for the brand by a network of family farmers licensed by Goldenberry Farms, are then packed and exported from the Carribean coast of Colombia to import partners around the globe.

Goldenberry Farms™ has become acclaimed for its "Where Good Things Grow™" approach to commercial farming, with a focus on soil health and sustianable agriculture which can help to enhance the flavor, nutritional profile, and shelf life of fruit.

Sugar Mangos™ and Sweet Sugar Mango™ season is March - early October annually.