Goldenberry Farms

Goldenberry Farms is a grower, packer and global provider of farm fresh, sustainably harvested Goldenberries and Physalis, as well as other premium tropical fruit including Kent and Keitt Mangos, Tahitian Limes, Dragonfruit, Organic Sweet Turmeric, Organic Ginger and more.

The Company has offices and import facilities in the United States and farms, processing, packing and export operations in South America, employing and empowering a growing network of rural workers, small farmers, and female head of households.

Goldenberry Farms is an accredited ZOMAC and Socially Responsible Company investing to enhance the lives and regions where we do business. The company and its "Where Good Things Grow™" mantra serve as a guide to continual improvement at all points of the growing, agro and fresh food business.

The company exports fresh fruit, premium quality bulk dehydrated fruit, flash frozen tropical fruit and powdered natural fruit products to the United States, Europe, Asia, and to most commercial markets, via both air and sea.

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Goldenberry Farms

More than a tagline, Goldenberry Farms™ is a place Where Good Things Grow™

The Goldenberry Farms™ tagline, “Where Good Things Grow™” goes beyond a certification for sustainability or better farming practices, it’s the very foundation of our brand.

As a grower and producer of fresh fruit and vegetables, we have a real opportunity to impact lives globally, we take that responsibility quite seriously.

Our aim - actually our purpose - is to enhance each point we touch, to leave it better than it was before.

This applies to our soil, our farms, our plants, our team members, their families, our food safety standards, our logistics, and finally, our fruit quality and freshness.

We want you to understand that when you work with Goldenberry Farms™, you helping to support a place heavily invested in the growth of good things.

In our case, Where Good Things Grow™ begins with the soil. We want to show that sustainable farming is more than a buzzword, it’s an actual practice for profitable and renewable agriculture.

We have a team of microbiologists and scientists leading our efforts to study and build healthy soil via composting, at the same time adding essential carbon to the earth. Goldenberry Farms™ is very proud to be a leader in the soil science and carbon capture fields.

There are many ways to create fresher produce with more vitamins and minerals retained, without resorting to dangerous chemicals or factory-farm processes. By working with Mother Nature, and the best of soil and plant technology, we are able to get fresh produce to the end consumer faster, fresher, and at a fair price.

Goldenberry Farms™ focuses on a “one health” philosophy, meaning that naturally healthier soil makes for healthier plants, which makes for healthier fruit - picked at a precise time and in packing that helps to preserve the nutrients and freshness.

Our farms meet, and in most cases, exceed the global standards set forth by global accreditors such as GLOBAL GAP and GLOBAL GRASP, with respect to proper training, safety protocols, labor practices both big and small. Helping to create enjoyable and rewarding places to live and work is important to us.

Toward making the world healthier ... as consumers today, we need less fast-food and more delicious freshness. Our health and happiness depend upon it. Goldenberry Farms™ team helps to promote recipes, inspirations, and easy ways to incorporate healthy super fruits, food, and cooking styles in our consumer marketing and chef education - creating delicious recipes and food inspirations.

In short, we are very proud to be a place Where Good Things Grow™, and we invite you to join us, in growing and enjoying good things.