Enterprise eLibrary

FileOn Enterprise eLibrary is a complete document management system that gives any size enterprise the ability to quickly find, share, and access documents, both scanned in paper and electronic computer-generated files, from one easy-to-use Internet Explorer browser.

Enterprise eLibrary software provides the tools you need to implement responsible, cost-effective records management:

* Instant access
* Corporate-wide consistency
* Absolute accountability
* Easy adoption
* Powerful, real-life search capabilities - Our innovative search engine is based on how people really retrieve records. It lets you find what you need - fast.
* Secure access control - Our eLibrary uses security technology that keeps your confidential information safe and secure.
* Converting on-site storage to more profitable use
* Minimizing capital and personnel investments

More than just a document manager, this server based solution provides users with a full set of features including, Distributed Document Upload, Server Based File Management System, PDF Splitter Utility, Audit Trail, Meta Tags, Viewing (Tiff to PDF auto-converter) and Security.

view screen shots: http://www.fileon.com/FileOn/FileOn_Help/FileOn_eLibrary/fileslibraryms.htm