Anna Pereira Super Sexy LLC

Anna Pereira Super Sexy LLC

Sneakers Embellished with Swarovski Crystals

Price: $125.00
Custom embellished Adidas® Sneakers with Swarovski® Crystal rhinestones!

Over 20 colors to choose from.

Choose up to three Swarovski® crystal colors for your custom Blingin' or Bling Blingin' Adidas® Sneaks! Each stripe could be a different color or all the same.

Get only the outer stripes embellished with our 'Bligin'!' version or inner and outer stripes embellished with or 'Bling! Blingin'!' version. We guarantee sneakers to stay Blingin'!

Can't decide on a color scheme? Call 1-800-349-1931 and we'll be happy to help!