Linktech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Linktech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Stainless Steel Hand Bar

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..::Product Specification::.. (The specifications can be changed as per the client's needs)

Core Material: Stainless Steel

Color: As per client's specification

Dowel Distance: 200 mm

Leg Length: 220 mm

Shoulder Length: 40 mm

Weight: 1.17 Kgs

Packaging: 25 Pcs per carton

Test Certificates: Accordint to ASTM standards

Applicable Standard: German Standard DIN 19555-A-CrNi

..::Product Advantages::..

Completely Covered with plastic for total corrosion protection

Superior pullout resistance, in excess of recommended safety standards

Spark Proof

High impact Polymer covering

No Sharp corners or edges

Anti-Slip Surface