Linktech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Linktech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Linktech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Our Activities include export of precision parts, telecommunication accessories, manhole rugs of various stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised steel with LDPE covering, injection moulding and rubber proflie etc.

Our product range broadly includes:

* Plastic moulding components (Hand bars, Warning Tapes etc.)

* Engineering Turned components (Earthing Equipments, Anchor bolts, Expansion bolts etc.)

* Rubber Products (Extruded and Moulded Rubber Products according to client specification)

The demand from our clientele, which are mainly foreign companies, have always ensured that our standards are much higher than the standards set by our competitors. Our products enjoy the following plus points as compared to its substitutes available in the market.

•Products completely covered with plastic for total corrosion protection

•Superior resistance, in excess of recommended international Standards

•High Safety standards

•Spark proof

•High impact polymer covering

•High quality finishing of products, therefore no sharp corners or edges on products

•Anti-slip surface ensuring worker safety

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Company History

Linktech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

The organisation came into being in the year 2003 and has been on an upswing since the first day of its operations. The guiding force behind this growth has been our focus on quality based on what the client exactly needs and our disciplined approach in handling our activities.