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Reliable, Versatile Curb Machines with the Latest Technology.
As used by Kwik Kerb, Curbing Companies, Schools, Golf Courses Worldwide.
The machine-laid concrete landscape edging industry was born in Australia and developed rapidly through-out the world from the late 80's until today. The Edgemaster® curbing machine has set the standards in the continuous concrete curbing industry with reliable and easy to use features. With patents worldwide and innovative and constant development the Edgemaster® landscape edging machine has stayed number one and is now used on every continent in the world.

Thousands of Edgemaster® concrete curbing machines are in daily use in many countries around the world, in all kinds of climates and conditions and using various raw materials. The Edgemaster® machine has also been used successfully and exclusively by Kwik Kerb, the largest group of organized curbing businesses in the world. (thousands world-wide.) Many Cities and Councils through-out the world have also purchased their own Edgemaster curb machine and use it to beautify City parks, gardens city facilities and median strips.

You may wish to use the Edgemaster concrete curbing machine as a profitable addition to your current business, or you may be wanting to start a completely new business in concrete curbing. You can choose to purchase the machine on it's own or you may want to buy a Curbing machinery package which includes the Edgemaster machine and other essential equipment.