Kwik Kerb

The most amazing decorative concrete landscape border business to hit America! Kwik Kerb® is in 14 countries and opened an office in USA in 1999.  With our patented equipment and designs, you can be sure that you will be producing an original and beautiful edging system.

Kwik Kerb® is direct from Australia and has become so popular and in so much demand that we need operators.  Kwik Kerb is not a franchise, but operators benefit from free use of a recognized logo and trademark that is currently used by thousands of others.  Operators also have access to extensive experience acquired over two decades and can obtain any technical information or advice which may be needed at any time.  There are no royalties or franchise fees to be paid.

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Company History

Kwik Kerb

Kwik Kerb® began in 1987. For nearly two decades, Kwik Kerb® has been providing an excellent service installing concrete landscape borders, mower strips, driveway edges and curbing for carparks. In many parts of the world Kwik Kerb is a household name synonymous with quality in the landscape curbing industry.

The Kwik Kerb® concept was first made available to the public in Melbourne, Australia during 1987 by Edgetec International Pty. Ltd. A remarkable new machine called Edgemaster® had been developed and patented with many unique features.

Although concrete landscape curbing machines had been around for many years previously, they relied on old technology and design and were very limited in their capacity. The Edgemaster® changed all that with innovative features, which made it possible for virtually anybody to operate the machine.

The Edgemaster® was reliable, and very versatile with the ability to extrude curbing for both landscape applications and commercial work.

The Kwik Kerb® concept brought this amazing machine together with all the tools and equipment necessary for an operator to install quality concrete edging. Kwik Kerb® operators were taught how to lay quality curbing with a
satisfaction guarantee to their customers. The concept was a huge success and within a few years Kwik Kerb® had become the No.1 organization laying concrete landscape edging and the only organization of it's type, operating on a worldwide basis. Kwik Kerb® has retained that honor to this day and continues to develop new technology with advanced machinery and processes for the laying of concrete curbs.

In 1995 Kwik Kerb® were the first company in the world to develop a method
and supply a stamped and patterned curbing product, with the release of the famous EuroStyle range of concrete curbing. Although other companies
have since tried to copy the concept, EuroStyle's one-day process has been
continually enhanced during the last 5 years and is still the premier concrete edging product in the world.

Kwik Kerb® has the history and experience to ensure a first class job.