Smart P - Parking Tower - automatic car park garage

SMART P advanced car parking
Just imagine drawing up outside your office, home, hotel, or the shop and having your car automatically and instantly parked for you and at a lower cost than in any conventional multi-storey car park! Then when you return having the car ready to drive away at the touch of a button. No tiresome searching for parking spaces, no queues, no more dirty staircases. A garage that requires a fraction of the space that saves you time and money!
Just as in the early days of the motorcars we still spend time and effort squeezing them into expensive constricted and often dirty parking spaces and far from where we actually want to be. With SMART P we offer you a solution that takes 1/10th of the space of conventional parking. It is a fully automatic, compact parking system that is developed and patented to provide cleaner, safer, more efficient parking that is faster, cheaper and more eco-friendly.

· a lot of valuable space 100m3/P
· a lot of valuable time 15-25 mins
· it costs a lot of money 20,000-40,000 US$ per P (2 - 5 US$/hr.)

Automatic parking with SMART P
· 1/2 of the investment
· 1/3rd of the area
· 1/4th of the space
· 1/5th of the construction time.

Smart P is an advanced computer controlled fully automatic parking system for cars. The vehicle to be parked is automatically centred and captured, towed onto the lift system, from where it is rapidly moved to its computer assigned level and designated storage. The cars are stored in a very compact space saving system. On request of the owner the process is reversed and the vehicle is delivered in seconds ready to drive away.
The Smart P system offers automatic parking and retrieval of the vehicles at the push of a button by the user in a very economic and space efficient man-ner.

In order to park the vehicles densely and precisely, the handling of the car is carried out automatically using computers and a robot. To accommodate the shapes of modern cars a unique positioning system and an advanced mechanical device are used in combination. But in spite of its sophistication the device has few moving parts resulting in high reliability, very low maintenance costs and very low failure rates. Being fully automated it does not require any personnel giving low operating costs, this combined with the small investment means that with Smart P even small car parks can become profitable. The whole construction being modular using bolts and screws it can even be dismantled and reassembled at a different site very quickly.

With conventional multi-storey facilities only approx. 40% of the surface area and approx. 30% of their volume can be used for car storage. While an average passenger vehicle has a volume of approx. 12 m3 (370sq ft) the average multi-storey covers a volume of 100 m3 (3200 sq ft) per vehicle! The modern car with its compact engine no longer conforms to the older rectangular shape, being more conical or oval in design reserving a rectangular area does not optimise available space. In a conventional multi-storey much valuable space and volume is given over to entry and exit roads, manoeuvring space, allowance for door opening, elevators, emergency stairs, sidewalks, solid pylons and floor carriers, minimum ceiling heights for people and the systems there presence requires (lighting, fire fighting, etc.) Finding a parking space in one requires a lot of time, skill and often leads to stress. Other automatic parking systems use pallets and require considerable space a very complicated mechanism and an expensive steering system.
These pallet systems are designed to the largest vehicle to be accommodated plus an allowance for inaccurate positioning and manoeuvring. They consume a greater area relative to the average size of cars parked. Further a pallet must always be procured and then replaced prior to each new transport adding time and complication to the process. These parking lots are laid out in solid buildings making them suitable only for long term and permanent use and involving lengthy construction and high costs making a severe constraint on investment.

Smart P is a cost effective alternative to conventional parking garages for small properties and low budgets or as an add-on to existing parking facilities.

With Smart P the vehicles are first automatically centered on a platform and rolled precisely to the starting position where they are seized and manoeuvred gently by the “tractor”. This tractor positions the vehicle onto the central lift, of which it is an integral part. The central high-speed elevator carries the vehicle instantly to the computer allocated floor whilst rotating horizontally to the pre-assigned storage space. This space has been pre-allocated to exactly match the size of that particular car saving larger spaces only for larger cars, storage platforms are just wide enough for the average car further adding to the space saving overall.

After allocating the vehicle to its space the tractor withdraws to its lift immedi-ately and is thus instantly ready for the next. For delivery of the vehicle back to the owner the process is simply and automatically reversed and accom-plished in a very short time without the need for pallets or conveyors delivering a car ready to drive away. As a result of the computer allocation and advanced transport system the storage is extremely dense, compact and efficient.

The whole plant is assembled using a modular building system of bolts, pins and screws enabling it to be dismantled and reassembled at another site at any time without the use of expensive construction machinery.

This combination of technical innovation results in a simple cost effective construction with few moving parts and resultant high redundancy and reliability .The plant can be as easily established underground or in existing buildings. As the users have no access to the parking decks emergency installations, elevators, stairs, fire equipment, emergency signs and lighting are either not necessary or can be substantially reduced. With Smart P unprofitable garages and lots can become profitable, small plots can be used in a profitable way and shortage of parkng spaces can readily and rapidly be resolved.

Mobility is an important component of both our society and our economy and transport efficiency is an important factor in the quality of modern life. As competition for desirable and convenient spaces increases so available parking lots become more rare and more expensive. Modern lifestyles require an optimal mix of public and private transport. As advanced technology and al-ternative energy sources help offset some of the ecological disadvantages of the motor car the aspirations of the population will fuel an increase in car numbers in the near future, those cars will need to be parked. Car parking will need to become more space efficient, more environmentally friendly and create less pollution whilst saving time by being acceptably close to the users home, place of business or leisure or public transport for such activities as commuting and yet becoming less expensive.To manoeuvre a car into a narrow parking spot requires skill and takes time, a machine cando it faster, more efficiently, precisely than a human, the system must however be above all simple and safe.

People searching for parking spaces cause a part of the traffic and addi-tional pollution in our cities. By providing sufficient parking facilities close to their desti-nations this can be substantially reduced.

With SmartP we can accomplish this. Compared to a conventional multi-storey space utilisation is improved by 400% while the cost per parking lot is halved. The required surface area is about the equivalent of 10 parking spaces while the vertical extent is almost unlimited. Car park provision is no longer the sole province of city planners but is within the reach of small firms, large companies and even private individuals with this compact and efficient system.