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Design, development and production of advanced car parking systems, which require 1/4th of the space only used by conventional parking garages. 

The patented Smart P parking plant can be built on a small lot of only 60 by 60 feet (20 by 20 m) containing up to 300 automobiles. The parking tower provides fully automatic car parking. 

The user only has to park the car on a plattform. From there it is captured and pulled onto a high speed elevator and pushed into the selected storage place. On a push of the button it is placed onto the exit plattform within seconds. The cost per parking space and the construction time is a fraction of that of conventional parkings. It will revolutionize parking in dense areas and city centres. Small lots can be used profitably, even if they are available for a limited time only.

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Many beautiful and valuable plots in our cities are abused as parking lots. The space used by the parking garages amounts to tenfold of the volumes of the vehicles therein. A Swiss design and engineering bureau is now fighting this waste of space. They have invented a fully automatic and compact parking system – called the SmartP® -, which requires only one fourth of the space.

With this advanced system, it is now possible to store cars fully automatically by utilizing a new technology. The driver simply drives the automobile on to a platform. There it is automatically centered and measure. The system captures the car mechanically and electronically, and then pulls it onto a high-speed lift, which drives it vertically up to the assigned level and rotates it towards the intended storage bay at the same time. There the vehicle is stored in a very compact and efficient way by taking advantage of the shapes of the modern automobiles.

For the transportation of the vehicles there are no pallets or similar provisions needed. As the user does not have any admission to the parking areas, there is no need for elevators, lighting, ventilation emergency stairs, escape ways and fire extinguishing systems.
This patented system is distinguished by a high operating speed, a short access time and a compact modular construction, allowing it to be built up quickly. Equally it can be disassembled just as quickly, allowing it to be reassembled somewhere else. Since this system is more like a machine than a building, the administrative procedures for approval and permissions are more simple and faster. As this plant has very few moving parts only, it will have a high reliability and low maintenance costs.
The core of the invention lies in the horizontal transport equipment, which moves underneath the vehicle, seizes it at the wheels, raises the car a few centimeters and drives it onto the elevator and from there onto the parking platform. For exiting, it pushes the car in the driving-off direction onto the exit platform.
The combination of the storage arrangement of the cars, the construction method of the plant and the computer-assisted allocation results in very high space efficiency with a better use of space of up to 400% compared to conventional car parks.
A small place of only 20 by 20 meters is sufficient for a parking tower that has a capacity of up to 300 cars. For an underground installation of smart P only 25% of the excavation has to be dug.

Smart P will make car parks more profitable and small areas can be used more economically. This system is also suitable as an add-on to existing car parks, or as temporary solution for seasonal parking congestions.

Unpleasant and repeating tasks, like washing cars, are usually left to machines. We still, however, squeeze our modern hi-tech cars manually into narrow parking places that are located in dark and dirty multi-storey car parkings. With smart P car parking will become not only less costly and time saving, but also, more environment-friendly and very easy and simple.
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