The Amby Baby Motion Bed

The Amby Baby Motion Bed is a natural alternative sleeping bed designed to help infants sleep peacefully during their first year of development.

Soothes Colic and Comforts Special Needs Babies
Soothes babies with reflux and colic: The baby is soothed from their reflux and colic because of the natural movements they generate and the similarities of their mother's womb: security, peaceful movements and snugness.

Provides comfort to special needs babies: The Amby Motion Bed also provides support for epileptic and foster care babies. For epileptic babies, the natural swaddling of the sling hammock gives the baby a comfortable and secure feeling by keeping the baby enclosed and snug.

Foster babies also benefit from the Amby Motion Bed because it creates a security and comfort from the swaddling and gentle movements. Foster Care Institutions have found the Amby very useful.

No Fire Retardants
We are frequently asked about Fire Retardants, and their possible link to SIDS. We are proud to let you know that there are absolutely no fire retardants present in any materials of the Amby Baby bed.