TERAVoice Server 2004

Price: $449.00
TERAVoice is a versatile telephony server platform which can be used to implement any kind of voice based telephony services like:

Corporate Voicemail
IVR Applications like
Automated Attendants
Voice Menus
Information and AnnouncementLines
Ordering and Payment
Polls and Surveys
Automatic Call Distribution
Waiting Queues for Call Centers and Hotlines
Automated Outbound Calls
Alerting and Reminder Services
VoIP Gateway
for internal IP-Telephony
for Remote-Workers

More information and Demo-Version available at: http://www.terasens.com/products/teravoice

About TERAVoice
TERAVoice is offers new and unprecedented features incorporated into a single product. Scalable from a single-line SOHO deployment up to a multi-server solution offering several E1 or T1 lines, TERAVoice is able to fit virtually any environment.

Through its MMC based management TERAVoice can easily be administered locally or from remote computers. For smaller configurations a dedicated server is often not required. A file server without high processor loads with appropriate telephony hardware can become a cost-effective platform with TERAVoice. For later expansion TERAvoice can easily be moved to dedicated hardware and thus secures the investment in TERAVoice.

TERAVoice can increase productivity by optimizing telephony communications. Never miss a call and get instantly notified on your mobile phone, on your pager or via e-mail. Increase customer satisfaction by optimizing hotlines with voice menus and managed waiting queues and create custom IVR solutions in order to cut down cost for call agents. Through its integrated VoIP Gateway feature additional seats can be added without buying additional telephones, even with seats on remote locations. Thus employees can use their corporate phone system from anywhere.

TERAVoice combines the ease-of-use of simple voicemail solutions and the flexibility of programmable systems. Voice mailboxes, voice menus and several other call handlers can be created with just a few mouse-clicks. At the same time TERAVoice provides an easy to understand programming interface for creation of custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application.

Hardware Support
Through its support of both CAPI and TAPI based hardware TERAVoice can be used with a broad range of telephony hardware from simple voice modems up to multi PRI (E1/T1) ISDN hardware even in mixed configurations. Additionally, several VoIP stacks for SIP and H.323 are supported.

TERASENS, founded in 2001, develops innovative software solutions and products for carriers, providers and other firms on the telecommunications market. Among those are solutions for billing, network optimization and tariff building as well as tools for statistical and geographical market analysis. TERAVoice is the first product aiming at a broader market of enterprise and smaller business customers.

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