Terasens GmbH

Terasens, founded in 2001, develops innovative software solutions and products for carriers, providers and other firms on the telecommunications market. Among those are solutions for billing, network optimization and tariff building as well as tools for statistical and geographical market analysis. TERAVoice is the first product aiming at a broader market of enterprise and smaller business customers.

TERASENS GmbH - Ackermannstraße 3 - 80797 Munich
Phone: +49.89.143370-0 - Fax: +49.89.143370-22 - e-mail: info@terasens.de - web: http://www.terasens.com


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Company History

Terasens GmbH

TERASENS GmbH was founded in May 2001 by its CEO and other shareholders. The main focus of corporate activity is software-development and technical consulting for the telecommunication market.

Besides a range of products for the telco-market and some for the mass-market TERASENS GmbH offers consulting, planning, creation and service for development of custom software solutions.

Key technologies in the portfolio of TERASENS are Accounting, Customer-Care, Messaging, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Voicemail, GIS-Systems (Geographical Information Systems), statistical measures and analysis, marketing-tools and other database-driven client-server applications.

While TERASENS GmbH is providung solutions for several platforms, we are focussing on the Microsoft-platform. TERASENS is a Microsoft Certified Partner since June 2001.