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Beyond Berry™

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Beyond Berry™, a complete whole food protein drink, contains everything your body needs to feel great even when you're on-the-go. Rich in proteins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and virtually every known essential nutrient for your body, Beyond Berry™ gives you an incredible amount of nutrition fast--and all with a refreshing berry taste.

Just 1/2 scoop + H2O = One Powerful Nutrient-Dense Energy Smoothie. Two scoops + H20 = A Complete Meal: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!

Beyond Berry™ gives you whole-body nutritional support, plus is:

Made with Organic Berries
Low Glycemic
Low Calorie
Satisfying for Hunger and Cravings
Great for Enhancing Your Strength and Endurance

"I feel a whole lot better when I am taking Beyond Berry™. If I miss a day or so because I get busy, I can definitely feel lessening in my energy level. I don't want to miss a day without my Beyond Berry™." -- Larry Leafblad, IL
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Why Choose Beyond Berry™?

Beyond Berry™ combines a balanced blend of organic, wild-crafted and natural foods into a protein-rich formula that gives your body virtually every nutrient it needs, including vitamins, minerals and various phenolic compounds. (In fact, the only nutrients not present in Beyond Berry™ are the essential fatty acids (EFAs)-- the good fats .)

Many of the phytonutrients in Beyond Berry™ act synergistically; that is, they work with each other and are able to provide even more benefits to your overall health than they would if you were to consume each nutrient on its own. And, unlike other supplements that you may have trouble digesting, Beyond Berry™ contains a custom enzyme complex to maximize the delivery of nutrients to every part of the body.

Beyond Berry™ is everything your body needs to help you achieve optimum nutrition, at a price that students can afford. You'll find that other powdered drinks on the market may sell for more than double the price of Beyond Berry™, making it exceptionally economic. The superior nutrition in this great-tasting meal replacement and dietary supplement:

Helps Protect Cells From Oxygen Damage
Helps Prevent Excessive Inflammation Throughout Your Body
Improves Your Ability to Respond to Stress by Supporting Your Adrenal Glands, Increases Energy, Improves Mental Clarity and Focus, Gives You the Nutrients Needed for Healthier Skin
Strengthens Your Immune System
Contains Stabilized Probiotics for Healthy Intestinal Function
Is Rich in Antioxidants to Protect Against Free-Radical Damage
Who Should Use Beyond Berry™?

Let's face it: Students lead busy lives, and it can be hard, even with the best intentions, to get the nutrition your body needs everyday. It's a "catch-22," because if you DON'T get those necessary nutrients, your body will suffer and you'll have a harder time keeping up with your active lifestyle. But it's that same active lifestyle that can make it so hard to get good nutrition in the first place.

Beyond Berry™ is perfect for any student who wants to maintain a healthy body, or improve a not-so-healthy one, along with those who feel they're unable to get the nutrition they need from food alone.

Beyond Berry™ is a great-tasting, highly nutritious (and fast) meal replacement ("Just Shake It" and go!) for students on-the-go, or can be used as a daily supplement "back-up" to replace the damaged (processed foods are loaded with these!) or missing nutrients in your diet.

Most people, even professional athletes, find they can thrive on Beyond Berry™ as a meal replacement (two scoops) for up to two or three hours.

Recipe: Beyond Berry™ Smoothie

Try adding your favorite frozen organic fruit, raw eggs (yes, they're good for you!), and/or coconut oil to one or two scoops of Beyond Berry™ (prepared as directed) and mixing in a blender to create a deliciously nutritious smoothie! For a frozen smoothie, try adding some ice.

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