Nutritional Institute

Nutritional Institute's mission is to empower college students of all ages to become healthier, feel more confident and function at their highest level, physically, mentally and emotionally. We believe that, given the proper tools, students will make healthy choices, and it's our purpose to provide students with these tools--in the form of the most up-to-date natural health news and high-quality, student-centered natural health products.

In fact, we are the first company to create a natural health product line designed exclusively to meet the diverse nutritional needs and lifestyles of today's young adults. Thus the creation of STUDENT FORMULA™!

STUDENT FORMULA'S™ dietary supplements and powdered drinks are made from only the highest quality, all-natural, food-derived nutrients, and are specifically designed to tackle the negative biochemical effects that stress and inadequate diets can have on students' health and well-being. Each STUDENT FORMULA™ product is wild-crafted from a unique blend of nutrients that work together to enhance each component's beneficial effect, and has been proven safe and effective. Plus, unlike other supplements out there, we've been able to offer these products at prices students can actually afford.

If you would be interested in purchacing any of our products or have questions please feel free to call us at
1-800-709-2727 or send an email to or visit our website at
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