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You are what you eat... only if your body has enough of the essential enzymes it needs for proper absorption and digestion. Otherwise, even if you eat the best diet in the world, your body may not be able to get the health benefits from the foods and nutrients you consume.

Enzyme Time™ is a unique formula designed to aid in the body's natural digestive process by providing the same highly concentrated form of enzymes that your pancreas naturally secretes.

These enzymes are needed for every chemical action and reaction in your body-- without them, you'll have a very hard time digesting your food and absorbing important nutrients and vitamins. While digestive enzymes do naturally occur in foods, processing and overcooking can seriously deplete them, and environmental factors and stress can further diminish any enzyme stores in your body.

If you eat a typical student's diet of mostly processed junk food, and lead a typical student's stressful life, you may not be getting enough of the proper enzymes your body needs to function and digest food properly. The result? Uncomfortable gas and bloating, and, more seriously, you may not be absorbing all the nutrients in your food. Enzyme Time's™ potent blend of all-natural enzymes:
Helps You Absorb Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals so You Get the Maximum Benefit From Your Food
Optimizes Your Digestion
Reduces Gas and Bloating
Helps Detoxify Your Whole Body
Reduces Some of the Effects of Allergies
"I have given my patients STUDENT FORMULA™ Enzyme Time™ and it has worked extremely well, even with my most difficult patients." --Dr. Dan Rico, Naturopathic Doctor, IL
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What's in Enzyme Time™?

Enzyme Time™ is made with only the highest quality enzymes around. These include:

Bromelain: This collection of protein-digesting enzymes found in the stems of the pineapple plant is a potent digestive aid. Plus, bromelain:

Acts as is a natural blood thinner (it prevents excessive blood platelet stickiness).
Reduces the thickness of mucus, which may benefit people with asthma or chronic bronchitis.
May promote beneficial changes in white blood cells, which are part of your immune system.
Betaine hydrochloride: This is an acidic form of betaine, a vitamin-like substance found in grains and other foods. Betaine hydrochloride is recommended as a supplemental source of hydrochloric acid for people who have a deficiency of stomach acid production. A deficiency of gastric acid secretion increases the likelihood and severity of certain bacterial and parasitic intestinal infections. Research suggests that people with a wide variety of chronic disorders, such as allergies, asthma and gallstones, do not produce adequate amounts of stomach acid.

Papain: This substance aids in digesting proteins and may help to gradually renew the skin by increasing the turnover rate for proteins in the body, thereby stimulating protein synthesis and repair. It also possesses health-promoting antioxidant properties.

Remember, you are what you eat ... but only if you have the correct balance of digestive enzymes in your body.Try Enzyme TimeT 'Gas & Bloat Buster' today for better digestion and peace of mind that you're absorbing the valuable nutrients your body needs.

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