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The eBizNET product suite is an integrated set of supply chain execution (SCE) software products that manage the storage, distribution and transportation functions of its customers.

Our solutions suite, eBizNET™ - SC, was built from the ground up to overcome many of the issues facing other SC software solutions today. The architecture makes it quick to implement and easy to adapt to today's changing business environment. eBizNET™-SC is built for multi-customer, multi-site control utilizing the latest technology tools offered by Microsoft. Scalability is a non issue due to the use of an Oracle database. Having its own middleware allows each module to be tightly integrated or installed as stand-alone modules to existing supply chain products. The products offered in the eBizNET™-SC suite include:


eBizNET™- Billing

eBizNET™- Dashboard


eBizNET™- Cargo Management

eBizNET™- Transport Management

eBizNET™- Labor Management

eBizNET™– RFID Toolkit

eBizNETTM – WMS Download Brochure

eBizNET™-WMS is a powerful web-based application that meets the goal of high accessibility while maintaining optimal inventory levels for geographically distributed distribution centers. Designed for manufacturers, distributors and third party logistics providers, eBizNET™-WMS incorporates the best end-to-end distribution cycle management practices.

Deployed on the latest technologies, it stretches the conventional warehousing and distribution features at the front and back end. Each of the warehouses can function with its own set of parameters, data, and rules. While individual warehouses maintain warehouse-level information, eBizNET™-WMS enterprise-level system provides a complete picture of total operations including the ability to view the product levels by warehouse location and status of orders throughout the system. The system tracks and traces each SKU from OEM dispatch, through warehousing till it reaches the end-customer there by eliminating the coordination challenges in your procurement and distribution cycle.

eBizNET™ WMS has standard interfaces, which exchange data with external host systems, e.g., ERP, TMS, OMS etc. It automates the entire mechanism of procuring the relevant data from external systems and use them for further processing. Its automated data exchange capability leverages the use of standard data transfer protocols; the data can be interchanged using a flat file or XML.

Some key features of eBizNET™ WMS are:

Web based full functionatlity WMS
Multi-Company, Multi-Site, Multi-User Capability
Global Supply Chain Visibility
Multiple Deployment Models
Standard Supports
Configurable Interface Manager

eBizNETTM – Billing Download Brochure

eBizNET™-Billing captures each warehousing event to the activity level. It can seamlessly integrate with any WMS. With a full-function accounts receivables system, eBizNET™-Billing improves cash flow for all warehouses and distribution centers, especially third-party logistics providers. The web-based architecture brings an e-commerce framework to businesses’ internal infrastructure and enables them to optimize operations to meet demanding expectations in today’s business environment.

eBizNET™-Billing consists of the following components:


Captures contribution made at activity level

Eliminates use of fixed rating for non-fixed costs
Facilitates benchmarking of all warehousing activities against accepted standards and norms
Provides a managerial perspective for strategic decision making
Customized service option for individual clients of 3PL
Provides various bill modes
Standard interfaces to integrate with any system
Automated billing and invoicing
User configurable rating and discount options


eBizNET™-Billing provides the basic accounting features to help keep track of financial information from invoice generation to payments. It provides a framework to capture billing related data and to feed it into a full-fledged corporate accounting (Account Receivable/Account Payable) system. Accounts are maintained for revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Asset management

Asset management is the management of the tangible assets used to produce/process an organizations’ product or services through design, selection, procurement, placing into service, operation and maintenance and final disposal.

The distinct advantages of eBizNET™-Billing’s Asset management component include:

Asset tracking
Linking assets with tasks
Support to asset-related decisions
Asset accounting and related calculations

eBizNET™ - Dashboard Download Brochure

The eBizNET™-Dashboard is a management tool providing visibility and performance monitoring with easy to view graphics and drill down reports.

The Dashboard is your customizable "bird's eye view" of the key performance metrics relevant for your supply chain network. For example, using the IndiGO Dashboard, users can view inventory balances by partner, product, or location over any time period. You are able to monitor service level compliance by vendor, outstanding returns, fill rate, usage, aged inventory, excess inventory, after-market sales, and a wide range of additional metrics aggregated for easy viewing and interpretation. It also incorporates an Alert and Exception Management engine that automates exception processes and notifies key decision makers immediately on communications devices of their choosing.

Sample Screen Shot from Dashboard

Some of the features of eBizNET™-Dashboard are:

Supply chain visibility, at granular levels, including events, anticipated events, and exceptions where events can represent document changes or goods departing from a distribution center.
Automatic notifications and alerts
Continuous reliable access to supply chain information from the e-fulfillment, warehousing, distribution, transportation or ERP System(s)
Anywhere Access to view order status, order summary, receipt summary, product inventory, warehouse capacity and productivity information, etc.
Customers and vendors two-way access to critical business information from the internet or any mobile device
Facilitates event collaboration both between enterprises and within the enterprise
Well defined API for easy integration into SCM & ERP applications

eBizNET™ - Yard Management System Download Brochure

YMS brings yard management control and visibility to distribution centers where space necessitates the temporary storage of inventory on trailers parked in a lot or yard. A graphic click and drag user interface makes management of trailers very easy. YMS can be implemented as a stand-alone module or as part of a wider warehouse management or supply chain execution solution. It extends the activities involved in trailer management to increase operational efficiency by enabling improvements such as hot SKU management, stream lined trailer movement and visibility to products stored in trailers.

Whether implemented as a stand-alone module or as part of a wider warehouse management or supply chain execution solution, YMS extends the activities involved in trailer management to increase operational efficiency. eBizNET™ -YMS empowers operational improvements such as Hot SKU Management, stream lined trailer movement and visibility to product stored in trailers thus achieving customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

Some of the features of eBizNET™- YMS are:

Real-time management of Inbound and Outbound Trailer appointment schedules
Graphical, Intuitive, and Easy-to-use Windows and Web-based User interface with a "dashboard" layout
Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs or RF terminals) for guard gates manual yard inventories or checks and hostlers with Touch Screens / Keyboard
Virtual yard move instructions using MDTs
RFID tags, RF Readers at guard gates to monitor
RFID tags for company trailers and Temporary tags for non-company equipment
Optimal Yard/Space Management
Track Temperature and Expiry Dates for Product in the Trailer
Configurable Triggers and Alerts to inform Supervisors when “Hot Product" arrives in the yard, Temperature is out of range, or Product is about to Expire
Rules based Yard & Dock Location Assignment (Examples: Customer, Vendor, Carrier, Product, Priority, Schedule Time, FIFO etc.)
Online Access to Customer and Carriers
Extensive User Defined Reports

eBizNET™ Transportation Management System

eBizNET™ Transportation Management System (TMS) helps perform carrier rating and route selection, and generates documentation such as VICS Bill of Lading, parcel carrier compliant shipping labels, and export documentation. TMS is easy to use and cost-effective to upgrade.

TMS will help customers compare carrier rates, price and select shipping services that best fit their needs and budgets. The system allows you to plan, record and track your shipments/distribution activities effectively and efficiently in a controlled and secured environment. It also enforces centralized online repository of all the shipments across the warehouse locations scattered geographically.

Track & Trace: Provides up-to-the-minute visibility of orders/ packages to online customers. In addition to tracking a package, subscribers can obtain valuable Proof of Delivery information including a digitized signature and delivery address. Integrated with a vehicle tracking system (VTS), it greatly enhances the visibility of the trucks and their contents.

eBizNET™ Cargo Management System

eBizNET™ Cargo Management System provides functionality to automate port operations like intermodal or terminal transfers, stevedoring, storage, cargo delivery, cross-dock and value additions like container stripping and stuffing, cargo sorting and repair, bagging etc.

eBizNET™ Labor Management System

Labor Management System helps the warehouse to measure and manage the workforce deployment. LMS can track tasks based on the specific work/skill requirements. The module currently supports macro labor standards and is the next release envisages engineered labor standards. Using Configuration module of LMS, various components like Shifts, Schedules, Labor standard, Shift Breaks, Equipment types, etc. can be configured very easily.

eBizNET™ RFID Toolkit

eBizNET™ RFID Toolkit comprises of necessary software and programs to quickly integrate RFID into any supply chain application or ERP systems. For more information visit our RFID Center

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