Seven Hills Business Solutions Limited

Seven Hills Business Solutions Limited
Seven Hills Business Solutions Limited

7Hills is a System Integration and Software Solutions provider for the supply chain industry. As a Software Products provider we bring a robust, integrated suite of Supply Chain Execution (SCE) systems to SMB companies along with technical expertise in integrating such systems with major ERP applications and legacy systems. Our customers include well-recognized third party logistics companies, manufacturers of food, drugs, automobiles and telecommunications equipment, as well as other software companies.

It is our vision to become the recognized leader in supply chain solutions for the SMB market. This market is ripe for the 7Hills' offering; a deployment model that permits easy and inexpensive access to robust software tools. 


In today’s complex business environment, any dependable solutions provider requires proven abilities across a complementary range of services. As a recognized provider of total supply chain solutions, 7Hills has built these skill sets so keenly that we are able to offer them as independent services.

Supply Chain Consultancy
System Integration
Implementation Services
Remote Managed Customer Service
Offshore Development
RFID Consulting
Custom Development 

Seven Hills Business Solutions(7Hills) is a single source solutions provider for integrated end-to-end supply chain execution solutions. 7Hills is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company based at HITEC City, Hyderabad. 7Hills eBizNET™ SC suite is specially designed to meet the supply chain challenges for third party logistics firms, distributors and manufacturers. The solution is capable of fulfilling supply chain IT needs and optimizing supply chain operations for our clients from different industry verticals. eBizNET™SC suite consisting of components like Warehouse Management System, Dashboard, Cargo Management System, Activity Based Billing and costing, Yard Management System and Transportation Management System. We have more than 20 years of rich industry experience and possess strong domain knowledge.

Our experience includes developing and delivering cutting-edge Supply Chain solutions for customers large and small in the US, Europe, Pacific Rim and Asia including Fortune 500 companies. Our clients include TNT Logistics - Asia Pacific; FedEx – Singapore; Logiwiz Ltd – Srilanka; McLane-Brazil, Philips - India, Ford Motors - Thailand; Maruti Suzuki, Reliance Infocomm, BEML; Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Genco Distribution System, MARC Global -USA; Amgen-Europe;

Recently we have been awarded a contract by Federal Marine Terminal Inc. (FMT) for providing an integrated Cargo Management System(CMS). FMT will replace its lagacy systems with CMS offered by 7Hills.

eBizNET™ Warehouse Management System

eBizNET™ Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a powerful web-based application that combines the power of Internet technologies with irresistible WMS features. eBizNET™ presents an opportunity to perform transactions ‘online’ irrespective of the users’ geographic locations, while providing you with a global view of inventory, sales and receivables, along and across your distribution network.

The eBizNET™ SC suite packs a host of innovative features including: 

Multi-Company, Multi-Site, Multi-User Capability
Maintenance and Security
Global Supply Chain Visibility
This system is ideal forenvironments withseveral warehouse locations scattered overa large geographicalarea. The systemprovides “multi-company, multi-site”functionality requiredfor a 3PL operation.
Standard Supports
Configurable Interface Manager
RFID Enabled

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Company History

Seven Hills Business Solutions Limited

The 7Hills management team is comprised of senior supply chain professionals with proven success in Tier-1 markets. The genesis of 7Hills can be attributed to the mega-trends in the supply chain of the 1990's:

Growth of Offshore Development
Extension of SC solutions of the big ERP’s
Saturation of the Tier 1 market
Third Party Logistics
Increasing business to business collaboration
Business Process Outsourcing
Market facts dictated a type of SC offering which targets a large segment of the hitherto untapped market.

Penetration: There are over 600,000 warehouses in the U.S., at least half of these comprise the target market
RFID -“Disruptive Technology”: Initiatives from Wal-Mart and DoD among others will drive significant incremental growth.
Compliance: Mandates from the FDA, Homeland Security and the market are forcing greater investment by software vendors
Fragmentation: The market for SMB SC vendors is highly fragmented, there is no clear cut leader
Prohibitive Cost : Market entry into the SMB market is prohibitive for Tier 1 companies. ERP’s in the SMB market have no SCE functionality
7Hills is positioned to exploit these conditions. Today, our global operations include an ISO 9001:2000 certified development center in Hyderabad, India, and offices in Washington DC, Pittsburgh, PA, and New York, NY.

How do we do this?

We built an offshore development center in India, which focuses on Product Management, Research & Development, Domain experience in SCE and Technology expertise.

We built an integrated suite of SCE products for the mid-tier markets comprising WMS – Billing – CMS - OMS - YMS – TMS – Visibility.

"We developed eBizNET™-SC with the functionality of a Tier 1 solution but with an architecture to support small to midsize distribution operations that require a quick and easy approach to implementation, minimal capital outlay, and the ability to operate on a single server across an entire distribution network”, states Bob Kennedy, CEO

We constructed the product suite to facilitate ASP and “On-Demand” deployment. IndiGO Services is the brand name of the eBizNET™ product suite in an ASP environment. With IndiGO, companies can avoid capital investment and expensive IT resources, while having easy access to the system from anywhere and customer and SC community access.

What makes us different?

Low Cost Product Development
Rapid Turnaround for Customization
Global Delivery Model
Software Development Bandwidth
“On-Demand” Deployment Model
Fully integrated RFID (2005)
Easy Integration & Easy Implementation
Management Team Experience with very large, complex projects
With years of rich global experience in integration, implementation and development of supply chain solutions, extensive domain expertise in SCE and latest web, mobile and RFID technologies, we are an ideal partner for enterprises seeking to implement high quality, reliable supply chain solutions with less cost and greater ease.