Anna Pereira Super Sexy LLC

Anna Pereira Super Sexy LLC

Fancy Stars Hand Painted Tank top shirt

Price: $160.00
Fancy Stars $160.00
Handmade in the USA

Hand painted abstract celestial design with approximately 55 complimenting Swarovski crystals. Shown in metallic Pink and metallic Yellow with complimenting Swarovski crystals. Design features star on back as well.

Available on any shirt style in any shirt color.

Select color for stars (first color) as well as background color (second color).

Swarovski crystals will be chosen to compliment overall color scheme.

*Corset option is available on Boy Beater, Sleeveless V Neck and Spaghetti Strap tank only. Also furnished with 3 organza gross double-faced satin ribbons to compliment the design.