KVM.net is a comprehensive system for secure, centralized management of global KVM access to servers. KVM.net addresses the need for managed access in high density enterprise environments such as data centers, businesses with branch offices, testing labs, and "lights-out" facilities. It unifies administration, monitoring, and control of all servers and users in the organization across geographic locations.

KVM.net is a highly available system with powerful authentication and authorization mechanisms for secure user sessions. KVM.net complies with the highest security standards. The LDAP-based system is designed for synchronized compliance with organizational security policies and profiles for more effective, secure user administration.

KVM.net provides the tools that system administrators need to manage and control high density, distributed server environments. The system presents administrators with a unified, logical view of their KVM infrastructure that shields them from the complexities of a distributed topology. Users log on to a single IP address that securely routes them to their assigned targets, and that's all they see. The KVM topology is transparent.

The Linux based GUI was designed by system administrators to provide a common and familiar interface that helps system administrators manage users, groups, and targets. Minicom KVM/IP technology provides superior video and mouse performance that looks and feels as if it's connected directly to the server.

The open, vendor independent system leverages existing installations and legacy systems with smarter management of different server/ data center configurations. It is the only available solution for access and control over mixed server environments of 3rd party switches. KVM.net aligns with your existing architecture, fully preserving your investment in your current KVM infrastructure.

KVM.net is a fully scalable system that grows with your out-of-band infrastructure. Automatic discovery of all IP devices attached to the system eases installation and maintenance, allowing you to easily add or remove targets and users from the system.

The KVM.net system includes a KVM.net Manager appliance, any number of PX or Smart IP Access devices, and an optional replication unit.

The PX is a compact, cost effective, single server IP device for non-blocking access to servers. The high performance device provides superior video, real-time mouse synchronization, SSL encryption, and full screen mode. Connecting a PX to each of your mission critical servers turns the KVM.net system into a fully secure, digital, non-blocking matrix solution allowing any number of remote users to control any number of servers, regardless of their physical location and topology. The rack-mountable PX uses Power Over Ethernet technology (POE switch or MidSpan power hub) for efficient, clutter free power management.

Smart IP Access provides KVM/IP access to servers and analog KVM switches. It is designed to work with all Minicom and most 3rd party switches. The feature rich device provides superior video, real-time mouse synchronization, SSL encryption, and full screen mode. The Smart IP Access can also be used in stand-alone applications for direct remote KVM access.

KVM.net's replication unit is an additional unit for redundant management, including backup and data replication. Both units stay connected to the network, with data being consistently replicated to the second unit which is always ready to take over with the most up-to-date database.