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Hercampuri is a herbal plant from Peru with a long tradition of use as a liver detoxifier and weight-loss aid. A preclinical study of Hercampuri at the University Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Rojas, L., 1999); concluded that the extract of Gentianella alborosea "Hercampuri" produces a reduction of body weight.

Hercampuri has been an important cleansing plant since the time of the Inkas. The word Hercampuri is derived from the Quechua language of the Inkas and means " the one that walks from town to town", making reference to the Inkan doctors who walked from town to town treating patients. Hercampuri has a great amount of bitter compounds that stimulate the bilary acid secretion and as a result cleans and strengthens the liver. A better functioning liver aids overall health, reduces the over production of cholesterol and promotes weight loss.

Since only organically grown Hercampuri is used in our product, we can ensure you the freshest Hercampuri without fillers. Other companies may buy from a middle man that is selling stale or adulterated Hercampuri without the vital energy found in fresh naturally grown Hercampuri.